Spotify buys music trivia game Heardle

Spotify announces it has acquired Heardle music trivia game. The music streaming platform wants to bring more interactivity to Spotify with the game. The Heardle website will remain accessible free of charge for the time being.

Heardle is a variant of the very popular Wordle, in which players have to guess a new word every day. In the trivia game Heardle, players must try to guess a song based on a handful of seconds of sound. As with the word game, the song is the same for everyone every day. After a day the game resets with a new track. Like Wordle, Heardle is now also being acquired, although the regular Heardle website remains available writes Spotify.

It is not known what exactly Spotify paid for the website. Currently, the company plans to further integrate Heardle into Spotify and make it available in more languages. Spotify CEO Jeremy Erlich sees an opportunity with Heardle to bring more interactivity to the platform: “Since its debut, the game has quickly gained a loyal fan base and this fits with our plans to deepen interactivity within the Spotify ecosystem. “.

At the moment, Spotify only adds the possibility to listen back to the song that has to be guessed that day on the platform. Spotify will announce later what the further integration with the company’s music player will look like.

Wordle was bought in February by the American newspaper New York Times. The wordplay has since moved to the New York Times website, but is still available for free.