SpaceX has completed testing of its new Falcon Heavy rocket

SpaceX has successfully completed the final tests of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The company showed a video of a so-called static fire, during which one of the launchers was tested, with the intention of actually launching in November.

On Twitter, SpaceX know that the Falcon Heavy launch tests have been successfully completed, after a final static fire. The space company posted a video on Twitter showing one of the Falcon Heavy’s launch vehicles successfully burning for about a minute. The Falcon Heavy’s first stage consists of a total of three launchers, whereas the original Falcon 9 only had one. Incidentally, this launcher had already been used once before during a launch for the International Space Station.

Now that all launchers have passed the necessary tests, SpaceX appears to be on track for the Falcon Heavy’s first launch. The intention is to have it take place in November, but the company has had to postpone this before and a final date has not yet been set. One of the issues SpaceX faced is aerodynamics; since the Falcon Heavy is actually three Falcon 9 launchers linked together, and thus heavier and more powerful, this creates a lot more vibration. Also, many things cannot be tested on the ground, so there is a chance that the first launch will be unsuccessful.

With the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX hopes to be able to transport heavier payloads to the International Space Station, among other things. The rocket must also be used for missions to the moon or to Mars. The intention is to organize the first moon mission next year, but a mission to Mars will not come until 2020 at the earliest.