South Korea uses Kinect sensors to guard border with North Korea

The South Korean military uses Kinect sensor technology to monitor the buffer zone with North Korea. The country that has been at odds with the dictatorial regime in the North for decades hopes to soon be able to use improved Kinects from the Xbox One.

Kotaku reports this on the basis of a message from the South Korean website Hankooki. Developer Kwam Ko is said to have developed security cameras that use Kinect sensors. The software that controls the cameras would offer the possibility to distinguish humans from animals. If a person is detected within the demilitarized zone, the system will sound an alarm.

The cameras with Kinect sensors are said to have been in use at at least a border post since August, but the news was only recently published in the South Korean media. Developer Ko would have been surprised that the Kinect sensors can play such a role in guarding the border.

The South Korean military may also start using the Xbox One’s enhanced Kinect sensors in the near future. In addition to heat, these are also able to register palpitations of people. However, the Xbox One is not yet on sale in South Korea.