Sony will pull out of PlayStation Mobile on September 10

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Sony has announced that it will permanently shut down its PlayStation Mobile platform on September 10. From July 15, Sony will also not add new content to the platform. Previously purchased content can continue to be played.

In addition to the closure of the PlayStation Mobile platform, Sony also announces that the PlayStation Mobile for Android app will no longer be available from September 10. Gamers who previously purchased content via a compatible Android smartphone or the PlayStation Vita can continue to play it if they ‘activate’ their device with Sony. This is also possible after September 10, Sony promises, although games must already be installed.

The shutdown of the PlayStation Mobile platform comes as no surprise; Sony already announced in August that it was ending support for PlayStation Mobile for Android smartphones. The platform was mainly intended to offer indie developers access to the PlayStation platform, but partly due to the initial registration fee that Sony asked, the platform was not a success.

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