Sony will allow streaming games from PS4 to Windows and Mac

Sony is working on a program for Windows and Mac to enable streaming of games from the PlayStation 4. Remote Play now only works on Sony smartphones and on Sony’s own handheld console Vita.

The application will be available for both Windows and OS X, Sony chief executive Shuhei Yoshida said known on Twitter. He said nothing about the application’s availability for Linux distros. It is the first time that Sony has spoken out about the streaming function for regular desktops.

Sony released Remote Play last year for the Vita and various Xperia smartphones. Developers must also support the Remote Play feature, which means that all games will have to work. With Remote Play it is possible to game without turning on the TV to which the PS4 is connected. This makes it possible, for example, to play games while the TV is in use by someone else in the household. This streaming is done via the local WiFi network.

In addition to the PS4, the Xbox One already supports streaming games to desktops, a functionality in Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10. It is unknown when the Remote Play software for Windows and Mac will be released.