Sony to release PlayStation VR2 headset in early 2023

The PlayStation VR2 will hit the market in early 2023, Sony says. The company says so in a teaser on social media. There is no exact date yet. Sony previously hinted that the device would be released this year, but that will be later.

Sony teases the arrival of the new virtual reality headset on Twitter and Instagram. The company does not provide details; Sony only writes that the VR headset will be released ‘early 2023’. Initially, it seemed that the headset would be released this year, but there were also rumors that it would be next year. It is the first time that Sony mentions a time slot on which the successor to the original headset will be released.

In recent months, little by little new information about the headset has come out. The white design came out in February. Before that, technical details were already known. For example, the headset gets eye tracking, a 4k HDR screen and a unique game in the Horizon universe of Guerilla Games. Sony later announced that it wanted to make at least twenty games available for the headset at launch.