Sony introduces two-factor authentication for PlayStation Network accounts

Sony has announced that it is now possible for users to provide their PSN accounts with an additional layer of security in the form of two-factor authentication. Users receive a verification code via SMS.

PSN users can enable two-factor authentication through a dedicated page. After the feature is activated, users will receive a verification code on their phone when logging into the network. In the event that their password is discovered, for example in the event of a hack, the code provides an additional security barrier. Sony also provides PSN members with ten additional codes that can be used in case logging in via SMS does not work, for example if their own telephone is not nearby.

With this, Sony does not choose to protect accounts with its own application or an alternative such as Google Authenticator or Authy. Two-step authentication via SMS was recently not classified as secure by the US NIST. It is unclear whether other verification methods will be added in the future. Sony had previously confirmed the arrival of the security feature when the feature was discovered in a system update to the PlayStation 3.

Microsoft introduced two-factor authentication for the Xbox in 2013 and offers the option of using its own authentication app. Blizzard has also been offering a mobile version of its Authenticator since 2009. In June, the company introduced the single-button authentication feature.

In 2011, data of approximately 77 million PSN users was stolen during a hack.