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Sony: Growth of the VR market is disappointing

In a presentation for investors, Sony has indicated that the company is opposed to the growth of the virtual reality market. In addition, the company tells us that the PlayStation 4 has reached its final stage of life.

The slides of the presentation have been published on the Sony website. Tech journalist Takashi Mochizuki shares on Twitter that Sony Kodera from Sony indicates that the PSVR as a whole is still growing, but the market for VR in general is not growing as fast as the company expected. The PSVR has been sold 2 million times and is therefore the most successful VR headset, although there is no known figure of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
Furthermore, the presentation shows that PlayStation 4 according to Sony in its final phase of life arrived. This would mean that the turnover of the console decreases, but the company expects that it can compensate for this with the sale of software. According to previous rumors Sony may release the PlayStation 5 in 2020.
According to the presentation on 31 March, the PlayStation 4 sold 79 million times and 246 million games were sold. Sony indicates that the company will pay attention in the coming years to the use and improvement of exclusive titles and the expansion of revenues from digital services.


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