Sony gives PS4 fast-resume game feature

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Sony is releasing System Software 2.50 for the Playstation 4 on Thursday, making it easier to pause and resume a game with just pressing the PS button. In sleep mode, the console consumes less power, but open content is preserved.

That’s not the only new feature that Sony is introducing. It will also be possible to run a backup on an external hard disk, whereby all data is linked to the users of the PS4 in question, including the settings per game, saved data, screenshots, videos and patches.

Finding friends has also been streamlined in this release. The Facebook Friend Finder makes it easier to play with Facebook friends. The system to form a party has been given fewer steps and the way in which you can see what kind of games friends are playing has been adjusted.

The way to customize the controller, a zoom functionality and inverted colors will be available for all system functions, apps and games, according to the press release. Text-to-speech should also be available for all graphical user interfaces.

Players who earn a trophy will now be delighted with an automatic screenshot of the winning moment. The information about the trophy can also be shared via the various social networking platforms. To keep a good feeling, the gamer can remove games in which no progress has been made as yet from the trophy list.

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