Sonos Roam Update Should Reduce Idle Power Consumption

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The Sonos S2 13.3 update of the Roam speaker has made a number of changes regarding the energy consumption of the device. For example, the battery of the Roam should run out less quickly when the speaker is on standby.

In addition to adjustments that should improve the battery life in idle mode, a number of things have changed in the update according to the release notes. For example, the Sonos app now warns you via the System tab when the speaker is connected to a charger that does not provide enough power to charge the battery. According to the company, this is mainly the case with a standard 5-watt phone charger. With an adapter from 7.5 watts, the device will generally be able to charge, according to Sonos.

Sonos Roam

According to Sonos, if the speaker is in sleep mode, it is now also possible to turn on the device with the playback buttons. Previously it was only possible to wake up the Roam with the on/off buttons. Finally, the release notes mention that two Roam speakers in stereo pair can now automatically reconnect if one of the two suddenly loses the connection. According to the company, the update can be installed via the settings on the Sonos app.

The fact that the Roam’s battery runs out quickly while the speaker is in standby was a common complaint from users. The general consensus was that after ten hours of inactivity, the device was already largely empty. According to an employee, this was due to the fact that the speaker automatically exits standby mode when the Sonos app is opened, when updates need to be installed or when the device needs to refresh its connection to the network. It has not been announced how long the battery should be able to last in standby mode on average.

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