Software Update: Zabbix 2.4.4

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Version 2.4.4 of Zabbix has been released. With this program, the status of network services, servers and other network equipment can be monitored. Although the program can only display simple information, more detailed information can also be obtained by installing a so-called agent on the server. More information about Zabbix can be found at this page be found and here are some screenshots. Since version 2.4.1, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Bug Fixes and Improvements included into 2.4.4

  • [ZBXNEXT-2354] separated VMware performance collector based statistic retrieval from VMware data retrieval and added items to monitor custom performance counters
  • [ZBX-1357] enabled Chinese (China) locale to be displayed by default
  • [ZBX-1357] updated Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (China), Japanese, Korean, Polish and Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
  • [ZBXNEXT-2160] added support for extended IP ranges in network discovery and action conditions
  • [ZBX-9284] added zabbix log file locking to avoid incomplete logging on log file rotation
  • [ZBX-591] added interface (SourceIP) for outgoing connection in web monitoring, alerts(Ez Texting), vmware monitoring and simple checks(https services)
  • [ZBX-9143] improved proc.num under Windows to handle more processes
  • [ZBX-9232] fixed incomplete event log messages
  • [ZBX-9257] fixed displaying missing history links in trigger context menu
  • [ZBX-9257] added missing host prefix before items in trigger context menu if trigger belongs to multiple hosts
  • [ZBX-9257] changed displaying host list from vertical to horizontal if trigger belongs to multiple hosts in Monitoring->Trigger status page
  • [ZBX-9285] fixed memory leak when processing host prototypes
  • [ZBX-9279] optimized VMware requests to reduce amount of transferred data
  • [ZBX-9087] fixed DB_ID validation expression to properly validate upper bound of received value and fixed various front-end forms not properly validating IDs
  • [ZBX-7719] added configurable timeout for VMware data gathering requests
  • [ZBX-9241] fixed possible vfs.fs.discovery item crash on AIX systems
  • [ZBX-9104] fixed repeated error messaging if ssh channel failed to close
  • [ZBX-9183] fixed event log message collecting in case of error formatting the log message; thanks to Kodai Terashima
  • [ZBX-9224] fixed audit log for failed login attempts
  • [ZBX-9233] fixed processing of bogus negative value of performance couter
  • [ZBXNEXT-2354] fixed VMware virtual machine network and disk transmission rates being reported in kilobytes rather than bytes
  • [ZBX-8930] fixed map import displaying incorrect message when map had non-existing sub elements
  • [ZBX-8448] fixed host and template permissions validation when an object belongs to both read and read-write groups
  • [ZBX-8448] added read-only groups in host and template edit forms as grayed out when object belongs to both read and read-write groups
  • [ZBX-8448] fixed template edit form losing host and template linkages by adding grayed out objects when they belong to both read and read-write groups
  • [ZBX-8448] fixed trigger and trigger prototype “enable/disable” action when trigger belongs to read-only group
  • [ZBX-9013] fixed action operation incorrect sorting in edit form which sometimes caused duplicate and missing operations
  • [ZBX-8993] added check for a valid reference of a global regular expression in lld rules
  • [ZBX-9218] fixed agent crash if error message is not set in loadable module
  • [ZBX-9088] fixed parsing of SNMP traps for correct processing of delayed traps
  • [ZBX-9093] fixed API host.create method for MySQL strict mode when given partial data in “inventory” property
  • [ZBX-9168] fixed incorrect keys and unified key parameters in the item key helper
  • [ZBX-8584] fixed vmware eventlog items sometimes returning duplicate values
  • [ZBX-9206] fixed agent crash in case net.tcp.service[] item is used as an active agent item with an unsupported first parameter
  • [ZBX-9195] fixed lastlogsize and mtime being updated on proxy for unsupported items; thanks to Yoshinori Komuro for patch
  • [ZBX-9010] fixed audit actions not displaying most recent logs when record count exceeds maximum
  • [ZBX-8555] fixed ‘broken pipe’ errors when executing remote commands. This was happening because pipe was closed without reading from it
  • [ZBX-8828] made ICMP items go unsupported if ICMP packets cannot be sent to their host
  • [ZBX-9163] fixed SNMPERR_TOO_LONG error being wrongly treated as a network error; thanks to Santal for patch
  • [ZBX-6047] fixed system.boottime and system.uptime returning incorrect results on Solaris zones
  • [ZBX-8874] fixed LLD rule form flexible interval field being submitted when other form fields are in focus
  • [ZBX-9169] fixed upgrade of the proxy database with several discovery rules
  • [ZBX-9176] fixed {DISCOVERY.SERVICE.NAME} macro to expand properly for HTTPS and Telnet services
  • [ZBX-9185] fixed upgrade procedure in case database version is greater than version of the binary
  • [ZBX-9177] improved host and item name column widths on Monitoring / Latest data page
  • [ZBX-9154] fixed compilation error with Oracle backend
  • [ZBX-9042] unified “mass update” spelling in trigger configuration page
  • [ZBX-9153] fixed vmware.version item key being listed as vmware.eventlog in the item key helper
  • [ZBX-8950] fixed “selecIconMap” option in map.get method
  • [ZBX-8405] fixed typo in item key helper for system.cpu.num item description
  • [ZBX-8846] fixed non-existent page display
  • [ZBX-9126] fixed processing of trigger/graph prototypes in case when all item prototypes in trigger/graph prototypes were changed

Bug Fixes and Improvements included into 2.4.3

  • [ZBX-1357] updated Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
  • [ZBX-4054] added support for SNMP values ​​of type OID
  • [ZBX-8873] fixed incorrect event being generated after maintenance in case there are out of order events due to proxy
  • [ZBX-8882] fixed message logging on DB2 errors
  • [ZBX-8992] made Zabbix prefer the threshold sensor over a discrete sensor, in case both are available under the same name
  • [ZBX-8506] fixed memory leak in wmi.get[]† thanks to Pedro Nunes for patch
  • [ZBX-9016] fixed items not being processed again in case these items or their hosts are disabled and then reenabled
  • [ZBX-9065] fixed default value for screens_items.max_columns in PHP schema
  • [ZBX-5077] fixed percentile calculation formula and corrected accessed index, by which value is selected
  • [ZBX-8486] fixed re-linking templates with web scenarios
  • [ZBX-8863] fixed ad-hoc graphs with multiple items for the same host not showing the hosts name
  • [ZBX-8919] fixed range selection in graphs in IE10 and IE11
  • [ZBX-9017] fixed hostgroup.create and hostgroup.update API calls allowing setting readonly “internal” param
  • [ZBX-9004] fixed visible corners in table cells in event log history
  • [ZBX-8928] fixed history-related macros to obey the ZBX_HISTORY_PERIOD
  • [ZBX-8926] fixed bug in JSON parser that caused failures in data retrieval if the target buffer and the decoded data were the same size
  • [ZBX-8952] fixed bug where an action condition of matching parent templates of a trigger worked with only the first template
  • [ZBX-8982] turned strict OID validation off for single-variable SNMP requests
  • [ZBX-8328] fixed UTF-8 string truncation for IBM DB2 databases to fit the column width
  • [ZBX-8850] fixed fatal error in graph generation when there is no data and ZBX_UNITS_ROUNDOFF_LOWER_LIMIT is set to “2”
  • [ZBX-8476] fixed queue being calculated incorrectly when there is even a slight time difference between server and proxy
  • [ZBX-8832] fixed template application inheritance when linking template other templates
  • [ZBX-8979] fixed undefined indexes in the profiler on early version of PHP 5.3
  • [ZBX-8983] fixed “schema” option description in frontend configuration file

Bug Fixes and Improvements included into 2.4.2

  • [ZBX-1357] updated Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Slovak and Spanish translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
  • [ZBX-8503] increased limitation of command length for remote commands with agent
  • [ZBX-8978] fixed propagation of the SNMP bulk flag into discovered hosts
  • [ZBX-8978] fixed propagation of the interfaces into discovered hosts in same order as in the parent host
  • [ZBX-8970] fixed interfaces list not being displayed correctly for discovered hosts
  • [ZBX-8849] fixed redundant linking with -lcrypto when linking with Net-SNMP
  • [ZBX-8913] fixed JSON validation sometimes failing to process utf-8 sequences
  • [ZBX-8951] fixed agent crash on HP-UX 11.31 when processing “net.if.discovery” item
  • [ZBX-8901] added ability to use scientific notation and floats without leading 0 to Configuration -> Hosts -> Discovery -> Item Prototypes
  • [ZBX-6542] updated description of HousekeepingFrequency parameter in the default server and proxy configuration files
  • [ZBX-8833] fixed dynamic SNMP item cache working incorrectly for hosts with multiple SNMP interfaces, optimized cache performance
  • [ZBX-8904] fixed item.get API to not read all host interfaces when option “selectInterfaces” is used
  • [ZBX-8538] added Net-SNMP retry of 1 for cases where Zabbix will not be retrying itself
  • [ZBX-8538] changed the strategy to decrease the optimal number of variables two times only
  • [ZBX-8232] fixed performance issues in maps
  • [ZBX-8948] fixed memory leak when checking Template condition during action processing
  • [ZBX-6353] improved history cache performance when it’s flooded with data from less than 1000 items
  • [ZBX-8916] fixed “lastlogsize” not being updated in the configuration cache when values ​​are received from the agent
  • [ZBX-8877] fixed filters not hiding/showing for IE11
  • [ZBX-8794] fixed parsing of runtime control options and related error messages
  • [ZBX-8885] fixed building of Zabbix daemons with IBM DB2 support on systems with newer gcc compilers
  • [ZBX-8791] fixed importing sysmaps when host elements are linked and have a trigger assigned to the link
  • [ZBX-8072] fixed bug when long messages were not truncated to 2KB when inserting into alerts table on DB2 databases
  • [ZBX-6174] fixed “skipDependent” option in trigger.get API call to correctly handle cases when triggers on which they depend are disabled
  • [ZBX-8887] fixed error messages when saving graph with invalid width and height
  • [ZBX-8699] fixed zbx_sleep_loop() to handle correctly signal arrival
  • [ZBX-8793] fixed processing of snmp value to represent it as integer
  • [ZBX-8726] fixed warning messages shown by deprecated PHP 5.6 options “mbstring.internal_encoding” and “always_populate_raw_post_data”
  • [ZBX-8817] fixed incorrect clearing of web scenario item history and trends
  • [ZBX-8830] fixed map pop-up menu “Triggers” link being always disabled for host group map elements
  • [ZBX-5561] fixed configuration failure during cross compilation; thanks to Christof Lauber for the patch
  • [ZBX-8621] added validation of received SNMP responses and warnings in case SNMP responses are bad
  • [ZBX-8764] added missing validation for resource ID in screenitem.create and screenitem.update API
  • [ZBX-8754] fixed crash in escalator when processing an alert without an user, but with a media type set

Version number 2.4.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, UNIX
Website Zabbix
License type GPL
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