Software Update: XFree86 4.0.2 informs us that they have released a new XFree86, we are talking about version 4.0.2. This version brings a number of improvements compared to version 4.0, such as support for anti-aliasing of text and images. Furthermore, it now also runs on Darwin (currently being ported for the Intel platform), the core of the Mac OS X system. Some of the main improvements are:

Enhancements to the 4.0 base release.

  • Darwin/Mac OS X is now supported and the X server runs on PowerPC.
  • Mesa updated to the latest stable (3.4) release.
  • Increased ATI support including: ATI Radeon driver adapter support added; Multi-head configuration support added; Non-Intel platform support improved.
  • A driver (i128) for Number Nine chipsets has been added.
  • A driver (savage) for S3 Savage chipsets has been added.
  • A driver (siliconmotion) for some Silicon Motion chipsets has been added.
  • The driver (ark) for Ark Logic chips has been ported to 4.x.
  • A VESA driver has been added.
  • Support has been added for Linux/mips platform on some SGI hardware..
  • Improved DRI support for the ATI, 3Dfx, Intel, Matrox, SiS and Sun chips.
  • The DRI is now also available on Alpha platforms
  • Xinerama big endian problems have been fixed.
  • Render support has been added. This extension to the X protocol, uniquely XFree86’s allows image composition and anti-aliasing text.
  • Significant enhancements to the Internationalization support in Xlib.
  • New XKB keyboard definitions have been added and updated for some countries.
  • New xfs updates, including font path verification, and options.
  • XTerm enhancements.

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Version number 4.0.2
Operating systems Linux