Firmware update: MSI 694D Pro (bios update)

MSI recently released a new BIOS for their 694D Pro/MS-6321 shelf. There are a lot of fixes in it, the main ones are:

  • This is the AWARD(r) BIOS version 1.6 release.
  • This BIOS fixes the following problems of the previous version:
  • Support HYUNDAI HY29F002TC flash rom.
  • Support VT686B chipset
  • Fixed connect SCSI HDD + SCSI CD-ROM installs SCO UNIX 5.05 after load SCSI driver show Warning message and system halt.
  • Change Promise PDC20265 BIOS to Build 34 release version
  • Fixed Boot CD-ROM cannot “Press any key to Boot from CD-ROM” message,when HDD connect to ATA100-1 connector and CD-ROM connect to IDE1 connector
  • Fixed Boot CD-ROM system hang,when HDD connect ATA100-1 connector and CD-ROM connect ATA100-2 connector¡C
  • Fixed SDRAM ECC function enable fail.
  • Fixed a “Disk I/O error :staus:00008001” appeared shortly before loading W2000 with an IOMEGA ZIP drive.
  • Fixed sometime screen shake,when use USB key on DOS mode and enable usb legacy support
  • Fixed Apacer NEC 256MB-SDRAM (D45125821G5-A75-9JF) VCM test memory halt.
  • Fixed connot detect Adaptec RAID card AAA-131U2(Bios 4.20.23),when used MS-8809 VGA card and set “ATA/100 & SCSI Boot Order” to “ATA,SCSI”
  • Fixed cannot install Microsoft Whistler os.
  • Fixed SDRAM ECC function enable fail.

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Version number 3.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
Website MSIA