Software Update: World of Tanks Update 1.5.1 CT2

World of Tanks comes from wargaming, the creator of World of Warships, World of Warplanes, Master of Orion, and Total War: Arena. World of Tanks is a free-to-play, online game in which players battle each other in teams with tanks dating from roughly the 1930s to the 1960s. The game is free to play, but uses microtransactions so you can get a better crew, for example. for the tanks or vehicles. More information about this game can be found on our own Forum. Update 1.5.1 common test 2 has been released with the following changes:

Update 1.5.1 Common Test Rolls Out

It’s been only two weeks since Update 1.5, but we’ve got Update 1.5.1 ready for the Common Test! Check out medium tanks with rebalanced battle parameters, and a new feature: Session Statistics. In addition, Kharkov, a once-forgotten winter locale, returns as a Random Battles map. Let’s roll!

Medium Tank Rebalance
At WG Fest last December, we announced an upcoming rebalance of five vehicles. One of them, the Kranvagn, has already received its portion of consistent improvements with Update 1.5. Now it’s time to pay attention to some Tier X medium tanks and adjust their key parameters, making their battle profiles clearer.

We have thoroughly tested these rebalanced vehicles during Supertests to understand how they will impact gameplay. Now we are ready to take the next step and finalize our adjustments.

  • The Leopard 1 will be enhanced as a sniper and will be able to hit enemies more effectively at long range.
  • The STB-1 will take better advantage of terrain thanks to its turret and a hydropneumatic suspension.

To ensure the consistency of the changes made, we also revised the characteristics of the STA-1 and the Type 61 in the Japanese branch, and the Leopard Prototyp A and the Indien-Panzer in the German tech tree. And most importantly, we changed the battle parameters of two Tier VIII Premium machines, the Panzer 58 Mutz and the STA-2.

Get ready to try out these rebalanced vehicles during the Common Test and give us your feedback on their performance!

Session Statistics
Starting from Update1.5.1, we’re adding a new feature, Session Statistics. You will be able to monitor your detailed battle statistics for the day:

  • General stats on income/expenses based on the results of battles played
  • Your battle performance for each session (or each day)
  • How effective you were in various vehicles played during the current session
  • The influence of your current gaming session on your overall WoT statistics

Finally, Session Statistics gives you direct access to the Hall of Fame to view even more detailed statistics.

Session Statistics will be available right in your Garage, to the left of the Notification Center button. Your daily statistics will be recorded for all Random Battles, except for Grand Battles, and automatically reset once a day. You can also reset them yourself if you wish.

Consistent with the new Session Statistics, we’ve also added the following to the Hall of Fame:

  • Your lifetime game statistics
  • Daily fluctuations in overall statistics

More detailed information about this will be available at a later date, so stay tuned!

Reworked Map: Kharkov
Do you remember Kharkov, a map removed in Update 1.0? This map was modeled after the second-largest city of Ukraine and one of the largest cities of the Soviet Union, Kharkov, as it looked at the time of World War II.

Previously, it was convenient to play heavy tanks on this map, but the players who preferred fast and lightly armored vehicles felt a bit out of place. Many of you have asked us to bring back this epic locale, so it will be returning in Update 1.5.1 with significant changes. We’ve tried to maintain historical accuracy and improve the gameplay with this revamp; the key revisions are as follows:

  • The reworked map has become significantly larger—its size has been increased to 1000×1000 meters.
  • We changed the location of bases and rotated the map 45 degrees to give players more space for different tactical maneuvers.
  • The right side of the map is the urban area, recreated with great historical accuracy; the approximate year is early 1943. This is the place where heavy tanks will figure out who’s the strongest.
  • The left side is a more open area, with various terrain types and abundance of cover. Here, light and medium tanks will feel right at home and will be able to flank their enemies. There are also two hills here, so TDs will be able to support their team by preventing any breakthroughs in this direction.
  • The urban and the open part of the map are separated by an anti-tank ditch; it also serves as a direct route between both bases.

With these changes, this picturesque winter map has become the perfect place to unleash the combat potential of different tank classes and try out bold new strategies.

Welcome back to Kharkov, Commanders!

Get out there and test out the new additions and changes, Commanders! We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Patch notes CT2

Crew Books
Added the Crew Books (new entity) to the game. This is an applicable charge. The Crew Books can be received from Rewards for Merit. Moreover, players will be able to buy books for credit (via the Crew Books interface). All of the Depot received, where they can be used or sold. The book is not limited. There are four types of these game items:

  • Training Booklet + 20,000 XP for each crew member (within a single vehicle).
  • Training Guide + 100,000 XP to each crew member (within a single vehicle).
  • Training Manual + 250,000 XP for each crew member (within a single vehicle). This game item can be purchased for 2,000,000 credits via the Crew Books interface.
  • Personal Training Manual +850,000 XP to the selected crew member.

Crew Books are divided by nations. Moreover, it can be used as a rule. Personal Training Manual has no usage restrictions. When the update is released, it will be 11 Training Booklets (one per nation).

Updated the Bootcamp Opening Video

Fixed Issues

  • When the Excluded Map window was not displayed.
  • When it comes to all vehicles beyond the Signal Range.
  • Garage couldn’t be opened.

Changes to Technical Characteristics

Considering the results of Common Test 1:

  • Germany
    • If-panzer
      • Changed the engine power of MB MT 837 Ba 500 engine from 630 to 670 hp
    • Leopard 1
      • Changed the hull traverse speed from 48 to 50 deg / s
      • Changed the reverse speed from 20 to 23 km / h
    • Leopard Prototyp A
      • Changed the hunt of the A1 Prototyp A1 suspension from 36 to 39 deg / s
      • Changed the hunt of the Prototyp A2 suspension from 40 to 44 deg / s
      • Decreased the velocity of the DM13 shell for the 10.5 cm L7A1 gun by 7%
      • Changed DM10 shell for the 10.5 cm L7A1 gun from 315 to 323 mm
      • Changed the DM13 for the 10.5 cm shell for the 10.5 cm L7A1 gun from 268 to 278 mm
      • Changed the engine power of MB MT 837 Ba 500 engine from 630 to 670 hp
      • Changed MBM 838 CaM 500 engine from 770 to 800 hp
  • Japan
    • Type 61
      • Changed the ammo rack for the Type 61 turret from 32 to 50 shells

Version number 1.5.1 CT2
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
License type Freeware/Paid