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Software update: WinSCP 5.13.2


 Winscp logo (75 pix) Version 5.13.2 of WinSCP has been published. With this open source program, files between two computers can be copied securely. The program supports ftp, secure ftp and the older scp protocol. WinSCP is not only available as a stand-alone program, but also as plug-in for the programs FAR and Altap Salamander . The following changes and improvements have been made in this publication:


  • Work around for a bug in Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018 Update), causing drag & drop downloads to Windows Explorer and a wrong folder (computer restart required). 1644
  • Translation completed: Croatian, Farsi and Russian; and updated: Dutch, French, German and Polish

Bug fix:

  • ssh: // URL is handled once for every opened instance of WinSCP too much. 1627
  • Icons for local files do not show on some systems. 1628
  • Failure when binary file is attempted to be opened in an internal editor on system with multibyte legacy encoding. 1629
  • Login dialog opens slowly, when there is a lot of stored sites with a color. 1630
  • Extensions were not loaded when configuration is empty.
  • Starts slowly on some systems. 1633
  • Failure when uploading a file larger than 2GB using S3 protocol. 1636


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