Software Update: Tweak-7 1.0 Build 566 Beta 4

TotalIdea Software, known for the tweaking programs Tweak-XP Pro and TweakVI for Windows XP and Vista respectively, has been developing a similar program for Windows 7 for some time. Tweak-7 works from the release candidate (build 7100) and can handle both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7. Since the previous release in the Meuktracker, there have been several new releases and the status has been raised from beta 3 to beta 4. Below are all the changes made since build 555:

Beta 4 Build 566:

  • Fixing a bug in the setup application that caused program settings not to migrate properly under certain circumstances from one build to a newer build
  • Fixing a few additional user interface issues
  • Fixing a bug where the transparent taskbar feature was no re-activating itself when Tweak-7 was restarted
  • Updated error handler for some errors that are caused by the .net framework if it is not installed properly, misconfigured, or outdated
  • A few changes to the setup application
  • Updates Russian language file

Beta 4 Build 565:

  • Several minor fixes in a code section that counts registry values
  • Some additional (invisible) user interface changes (see changes in build 562)
  • Internal code improvements and optimizations in the registry cleaner feature
  • Updated Russian language file
  • Adding a few additional pre-configured menu items to the ‘Desktop Context Menu Customization’ feature
  • Adding an option to the Registry CleanUp feature to scan for dead application compatibility settings

Beta 3 Build 562:

  • Fixing a minor issue in the startmenu tweaks section that caused the ‘Download’ startmenu item not to display as selected
  • Lots of minor (invisible) user interface changes that were required to make user interface translations work properly under certain circumstances
  • Several changes to the setup
  • updated setup engine
  • Russian language file added

Beta 3 Build 561:

  • Added a tweak to the ‘Explorer Tweaks’ section to add a ‘Folder Options’ item to the folder context menu
  • Fixing an issue that caused the new ‘Desktop Context Menu Customization’ feature not to load localization strings from language files
  • Fixing an issue that caused the ‘Hide control panel applets’ feature not to activate properly
  • Improved error handling for some pretty rare issues caused by missing .net framework files
  • Improved error handling for some issues caused by insufficient user privileges

Beta 3 Build 560:

  • Added a new feature to the ‘Visual Tweaks’ section: ‘Desktop Context Menu Customization’
  • Fixing an issue in the setup where the ‘Desktop shutdown’ shutcuts were always created, even if that option was not selected during setup
  • Several minor fixes in a couple of features (Autostart Manager, System Information, Shortcut Cleaner, Main Application)

Beta 3 Build 558:

  • A few changes to the setup and the way Tweak-7 desktop icons are created
  • Several changes in the ‘System Folder’ feature
  • ‘System folder’ feature: if a system folder was set to a network path, or to a currently non accessible path, no path was displayed: fixed
  • Added an error handler that catches an exception that occurred when another instance of Tweak-7 was executed while the first instance was busy

Beta 3 Build 557:

  • Added a system tray icon context menu item to open Tweak-7 as lots of people missed that although clicking the system tray icon also opened Tweak-7
  • Added a function to check if WMI is running on the target system as Tweak-7 requires WMI
  • A few changes in relation to a problem that appeared when the ‘Single Instance’ mode of Tweak-7 was activated. We still expect this not to work properly under certain circumstances and ask testers to submit every crash that might appear when Tweak-7 is closed or restored from the system tray.
  • Fixing a minor issue that caused some ‘Ghost’ problems to be found in the ‘Registry CleanUp’ FileType Scan
  • Several minor changes, fixes, and improvements

Beta 3 Build 556:

  • Fixing a minor display issue of the ‘System Status’ box which remained in front of all other items if the ‘Check for update’ link was clicked
  • Fixing an issue that caused list views in several sections to re-populate themselves if the Tweak-7 window was restored from the system tray
  • Two minor bug fixes in the ‘System CleanUp’ and ‘Registry CleanUp’ features

Version number 1.0 build 566 beta 4
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7
Website TotalIdea Software
File size 21.90MB
License type Freeware