Software Update: Turris OS 4.0.5

The Czech CZ.NIC has released a new version of its Turris OS with version number 4.0.5. This is the firmware for the open source routers Turris 1.x, Turris MOX and Turris Omnia. It is based on OpenWRT and according to the makers will be provided with security updates for life. In a recent blog explains the history of the development of these routers. The abbreviated announcement of this release is as follows:

Turris OS 4.0.5 has been released!

Dear Turris users,

We are proud to announce that we just released Turris OS 4.0.5 for all of our three routers – Turris 1.x, Turris Omnia and Turris MOX.

This release is based on OpenWrt 18.06.6 and it includes the latest development version of ReForis, multiple CVE fixes, package updates and added Atlas SW Probe.


  • Based on the latest OpenWrt 18.06.6
  • kernel: update to version 4.14.162
  • python3: update to version 3.6.10
  • nextcloud: update to version 16.0.7
  • mariadb: update to version 10.4.11
  • foris: fix for three-level name timezones
  • wget:fix CVE-2019-5953
  • unbound: update to version 1.9.6
  • php7: update to version 7.2.26
  • Fixes: CVE-2019-11044, CVE-2019-11045, CVE-2019-11046, CVE-2019-11047, CVE-2019-11050
  • nano: update to version 4.7
  • openssl: update to version 1.0.2u
  • bird: update to version 1.6.8
  • reforis: update to the latest development version, adds openvpn-plugin
  • ffmpeg: update to version 4.0.5
  • Fixes: CVE-2019-12730, CVE-2019-17539, CVE-2019-17542
  • e2fsprogs: fix CVE-2019-5094
  • christmas: removed from default installation

You should be updated to this version automatically from the previous version and if you are using approvals you can check Updater tab to approve the update.

We appreciate any feedback for this release.

Version number 4.0.5
Release status Final
Website Turris
License type GPL