Software Update: TrueCrypt 3.1a

TrueCrypt has received a minor update to version 3.1a. TrueCrypt is an open source encryption program that can be used to encrypt physical (a hard disk or a partition) and virtual volumes (a file accessed as a partition). A number of different methods can be used for encryption: AES (256-bit), Blowfish (448-bit), CAST5 (128-bit), Serpent (256-bit), Triple DES and Twofish (256-bit). They can also be used sequentially so that a file is encrypted first with AES and then with Serpent.

The special thing about TrueCrypt is the ability to create a hidden volume in the encrypted disk. This second volume is only visible if the correct password is entered. So if you are forced to give the password, you can only give the password that gives access to the entire encrypted disk. The second hidden volume is then completely invisible. More information about this can be found at this one page to be found. The changelog of this new release shows the following changes:

Bug fixes:

  • Volumes mounted as removable media can now be checked/repaired (‘chkdsk.exe’), defragmented, formatted, etc.
  • Volume Creation Wizard now respects default mount options set via Tools > Preferences.
  • Fixed bug which caused mount/dismount to fail on some systems.
  • The TrueCrypt uninstaller is now always installed during installation.
  • Relative paths can be used with the /volume option (command line usage).
  • Drive A: will no longer disappear from Windows Explorer (eg, ‘My Computer’ list) after ‘Dismount All’.
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • When running in ‘traveller’ mode, the TrueCrypt driver will be unloaded when no longer needed (eg, when the main application and/or the last instance of the Volume Creation Wizard is closed and no TrueCrypt volumes are mounted).
  • Access mode (read-only or read-write) is now displayed in the volume properties dialog.
  • Other minor improvements


Version number 3.1a
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website TrueCrypt
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License type GPL