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Software update: Tray Radio


Nend Software has released a new version of Tray Radio. This program is primarily intended to listen to online radio stations, but it can also play music files stored on the computer.
Tray Radio uses lists with stations from certain countries or genre. At present there are 24 lists with thousands of stations together .
These are checked daily for their operation and it is easy to add stations yourself. There is also a recording function and there is an own database with lyrics that can be requested for each track, provided the station passes on the artist and title and if the lyrics are in the database. Although the program works fine on all modern versions of Windows, only support for use under Windows 10 is offered. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Tray Radio is out.

  • Tray Radio now also has Stream Packets for download.
  • And also offers the possibility to create your own stream packages.
  • Now also with all Shoutcast stations.


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