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Sublime Text is a comprehensive text editor that will especially appeal to programmers. Among the long list possibilities features include a minimap, the ability to select different sections in a text for editing simultaneously, syntax highlighting with support for over 40 languages, and the ability to use macros and Python-based plugins. to use. Sublime Text is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. A license costs $99, per user, for a period of three years. Since build 4107, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in Build 4126:

  • Improved OpenGL rendering performance by automatically batching together controls
  • Added support for Chinese standard GB18030 file encoding
  • Added support for CP862 file encoding
  • Resolved various issues tracking symlinks in the side-bar
  • Avoid session data corruption if a crash happens while saving the session
  • subl -n will reuse an existing empty window if the application isn’t running
  • Binary files now show as “Binary” syntax instead of “Plain Text” in the status bar
  • Fixed wildcards incorrectly matching subpaths (For settings like “folder_exclude_patterns”)
  • Made “find_in_files_max_result_size” not apply when replacing
  • Fixed crash when loading invalid grid layout from session
  • Fixed spell checker incorrectly marking some words as correct if they can’t be encoded
  • Fixed rendering order or successive popups
  • Fixed package subfolders sometimes not being loaded when matching the “ignored_packages” setting
  • Fixed layout instability in side bar causing things to occasionally be rendered 1 pixel off
  • Added some missing glyphs to “draw_unicode_white_space”: “all”
  • Added “draw_unicode_bidi” setting for drawing unicode bidi characters
  • Added “select_across_groups” setting for opting into the old side bar selection behavior when selecting a single file
  • Fixed “close_windows_when_empty” setting not working
  • Fixed goto-definition preview not closing on escape
  • Fixed quick panel closing on enter when there are no matching entries
  • Syntax Highlighting: Fixed backtracking breaking when creating phantoms or doing a context backtrace
  • Syntax Highlighting: Fixed regression with some syntax definitions introduced in 4115
  • Linux: Added missing libcurl dependency for package managers
  • Linux: Fixed GTK overriding LC_NUMERIC environment variable breaking serialization
  • Windows: Fixed command line not taking focus after closing a waited on file
  • Windows: Fixed crash when OpenGL initialization fails
  • Mac: Aliases are now resolved when using drag and drop
  • Mac: Fixed window sometimes being restored on startup when “create_window_at_startup” is disabled
  • Mac: Fixed native tabs restoration resulting in odd behavior
  • Mac: Fixed subl -b not working
  • Mac: Fixed terminal not being focused after waiting on file
  • Mac: Fixed Window > Merge All Windows merging minimized windows
  • Mac: Fixed various inconsistencies when opening files from finder
  • API: The show_panel command for the find and find in files panels can now take “pattern” and “replace_pattern” arguments
  • API: ListInputHandler.preview is now called with None when no items match the current filter
  • API: Fixed case where Window.project_data() could return an invalid value
  • API: Opening a new pane moves currently selected sheets
  • API: Added Window.move_sheets_to_group
  • API: The commands move_to and move_to_neighbouring now move currently selected sheets

Version number 4 build 4126
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Sublime HQ
file size


License type Paid
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