Software Update: Stone Steps Webalizer

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Stone Steps Webalizer is a command line application for analyzing web server log files. Support for IIS, CLF, Squid and Apache is provided. It is based on Webalizer the development of which has been stopped some time ago. Version of Stone Steps Webalizer has recently been released with the following list of changes:


  • Convert most language files to UTF-8
  • Changed the default value for HTMLCharset to UTF-8
  • Linked with v4.4.16 of the Berkeley DB library
  • Added more search engine query identifiers to the default list
  • Improved support for ConvURLsLowerCase when processing Apache custom log files
  • Added support for Apache hexadecimal URL escape sequences
  • Improved overall performance, especially for Apache and IIS log formats
  • Moved code unescaping URLs to the report generator (allows URL filters with %xx sequences)
  • Improved referrer search strings reporting (now punctuation characters will be reported)
  • Changed referrer processing logic to report full URL path (ie up to the ‘?’ character)
  • Changed Squid log parser to extract request processing time
  • Fixed a problem that caused URLs containing :// to be partially converted to lower case
  • Changed the code handling Ctrl-C to perform a faster shutdown
  • BUG: URLs beginning with http(s):// were not HTML-encoded (XSS)
  • BUG: The first search string immediately following ‘?’ has been discarded (eg ?q=text)
  • BUG: [Linux] Fixed incorrectly-reported log file processing time/speed

Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Stone Steps Inc.
License type GPL
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