Software Update: SquirrelMail 1.4.20 RC1

SquirrelMail is a program written in PHP to enable web-based e-mail. It is used by various ISPs to provide webmail functionality. The program has support for the imap and smtp protocols and all screens are built in html 4.0, without the need for javascript. The developers have released the first release candidate of version 1.4.20 with the following announcement:

SquirrelMail 1.4.20 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

The SquirrelMail Team is pleased to bring you the first release candidate ahead of our next SquirrelMail version: 1.4.20RC1. Because of the somewhat invasive nature of some of the changes we have recently made, we are issuing a “release candidate” before we officially move to version 1.4.20. While we have been very careful to ensure the stability of SquirrelMail, this version, 1.4.20 release candidate 1, has undergone limited testing, and we’d like to have more feedback before we make version 1.4.20 final.

The most notable changes for this version are the addition of two security mechanisms that fight cross-site request forgeries (CSRF), the removal of some deprecated PHP functions, some minor fixes in the filters plugin, and increased user privacy. For more complete details, see the ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog files included in this release (in the doc/ directory).

Due to the security issues fixed herein, we’d like to advise all users of SquirrelMail software to upgrade. However, because this is technically a “release candidate”, it may be most prudent to test your upgrade before putting it into production use. We are confident that most systems will not experience any trouble, but we’ll be happy to work with you to resolve any issues that do arise. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Version number 1.4.20 RC1
Release status beta
Operating systems script language
Website SquirrelMail
License type GPL