Driver Update: Matrox Parhelia/P/G/M/Extio/Epica Series SE U WHQL

Matrox has released a new driver for the Windows platform that includes support for various video cards. For example, the driver supports the cards from the parhelia-, p-, m-, G-, and epicseries, the remote graphics units from the Extioseries and the PJ-4OLP ultra wide screen projector. The version number arrived at SE U and is available as WHQL for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008. The following list of changes is available:

Driver Changes in Version 2.08.03

Fixed issues:

  • While using Matrox P690, the display remains blank (black) after hot swapping from an Eizo Radiforce G22 monitor to an Eizo R12 monitor. [20639]
  • While using Matrox QID, MPEG-1 video clip appeared discolored when played on Windows Media Player 9. [20303]
  • Unable to apply 1366 × 768 display resolution through PowerRes (now Mode Management). [21103]
  • Installing the display driver on Eizo G22 would cause the desktop to lock at a very low resolution and color depth. [20630]
  • Shadows visible while playing back Silverlight demos in full screen. [22182]
  • Memory leak during video playback. [22116]
  • Memory leak when using custom video player. [22248]
  • Novell client and Iprint crash when using Show Windows Welcome screen feature. [22131]
  • Tearing occurs while playing back fullscreen demo Silverlight files in stretched modes. [22154]
  • Monitor power LED remains green even when monitor is turned off. [22027]

Notes and limitations:

  • Windows 2000 – While using M-Series graphics cards, support is limited to one MSeries graphics card in single display mode.
  • Windows Vista – Certain PowerDesk options are available only for 32-bit versions of Windows Vista.
  • When using stereo glasses in a multi-display or multi-card setup, stereo is supported only on the first display, using either stretched or clone mode.
  • Full-screen programs designed for versions of DirectX earlier than 8.0 may not support horizontal display resolutions higher than 2048. While using multiple displays in stretched mode, the horizontal resolution of each display is combined (for example, a combined TripleHead resolution could be as high axle 3840 × 1024). As a result, the stretched mode resolutions you can use with such programs may be limited to resolutions lower than what your graphics hardware and display driver can support. Selecting an unsupported resolution within a program may cause the program to quit unexpectedly.
  • While using OpenGL hardware acceleration, we recommend you close your OpenGL software before changing your display setup (for example, refresh rate, display resolution, or color depth). You may experience problems if OpenGL software is running while your display setup is changed.
  • Under Windows XP/Vista, certain Direct3D programs may not properly support some multi-card configurations.
  • When using a Dell 2408 monitor with a DVI-to-Mini DisplayPort adapter, the monitor’s EDID isn’t properly read. We recommend changing the monitor’s input source to use DVI-D. This will re-detect the monitor.

Version number SE U WHQL
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Matrox
File size 34.15MB
License type Freeware