Software Update: SOGo 2.2.17

Scalable uses the source code of and focuses on sharing calendars, contacts and emails. In addition, according to the developers, it is highly scalable and can be accessed via a web interface. Furthermore, modified versions of Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning are included as clients. Other clients can also be used, such as Microsoft Outlook, or mobile devices such as a BlackBerry. For more information, please refer to this page, where the documentation can be found. In version 2.2.17 the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • support for mail priority using EAS
  • immediately delete mails from EAS clients when they are marked as deleted on the IMAP server
  • now favor login@domain as the default email address if multiple mail: fields are specified
  • enable by default HTML mails support using EAS on Windows and BB phones
  • now possible to configure objectClass names for LDAP groups using GroupObjectClasses (#1499)

bug fixes

  • fixed login issue after password change (#2601)
  • fixed potential encoding issue using EAS and 8-bit mails (#3116)
  • multiple collections support for GetItemEstimate using EAS

  • fixed empty sync responses for EAS 2.5 and 12.0 clients
  • use the correct mail body element for EAS 2.5 clients
  • fixed tasks disappearing issue with RoadSync

  • use the correct body element for events for EAS 2.5 clients
  • SmartReply improvements for missing body attributes

  • do not use syncKey from cache when davCollectionTag = -1
  • use correct mail attachment elements for EAS 2.5 clients
  • fixed contacts lookup by UID in freebusy
  • reduced telephone number to a single value in JSON response of contacts list
  • fixed freebusy data when ‘busy off hours’ is enabled and period starts during the weekend
  • fixed fetching of freebusy data from the Web interface
  • fixed EAS handling or Bcc in emails (#3138)
  • fixed Language-Region tags in Web interface (#3121)
  • properly fallback over EAS to UTF-8 and then Latin1 for messages w/o charset (#3103)
  • prevent potential freebusy lookup crashes during timezone changes with repetitive events
  • improved GetItemEstimate to count all vanished/deleted mails too

  • improvements to EAS SyncKey handling to avoid missing mails (#3048, #3058)

See the bug tracking system for the list of tickets closed with this release† You can also view the complete change log online.

Version number 2.2.17
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website SOGO
File size


License type GPL