Software Update: SIW 1.55 build 597

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The developer Gabriel Topala has released a new version of System Information for Windows, better known as SIW. The program shows detailed information of both the hardware and software on the system. All running processes and their dependencies can also be viewed in detail. The version number arrived at 1.55 build 597 and has the following list of changes:

Version 1.55 Build 597:

  • Added “Tools -> Mac Address Changer”. Thanks to Nishant Sivakumar.
  • Added “File -> Export -> PCI List”.
  • Added “File -> Export -> Mac List”.
  • Added “Software -> File Associations”.
  • Added Time Zone info (Regional Settings).
  • Added new CPUs.
  • Added new Manufacturers (Mac Addresses).
  • Displays VxD’s type (Win9x).
  • Displays NT MiniPort device drivers (Win9x). Thanks to Ed Durenberg.
  • Fixed Autorun (Win9x). Thanks to Ed Durenberg.
  • The HTML log file works with Firefox and Opera. Thanks to Guido Zimmer and Cristian Duicu.
  • Added “

    ” and “

    ” tags in HTML log file. Thanks to Andreas Morawietz.

  • Network Cards are not displayed twice (Win9x). Thanks to Ed Durenberg.
  • Fixed few names (“Software/Databases/ODBC/System DSN” and “User DSN” instead of DNS, removed ‘&’ from Hardware/CPU Info – &Feature Flags). Thanks to João Alves.

Version 1.54 Build 596:

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.54 Build 595:

  • Enabled the Network menu. Thanks to Ralph Peters
  • Ignore upper/lower case when sorting columns. Thanks to Jerry Riechert

Version 1.54 Build 594:

  • New Printer module
  • Logon Password for Windows 9x
  • Network Share Passwords for Windows 9x. Thanks to Ivaylo Ivanov
  • Cosmetic changes

Version 1.53 Build 592:

  • Fixed “Open Files” for Russian Windows. Thanks to ntcn
  • Fixed and enhanced “Regional Settings” for non-English Windows. Thanks to ntcn

Version 1.53 Build 591:

  • Added “Groups and Users” for Domain and Local Computer. Thanks to Luc Rosseel

Version 1.52 Build 588:

  • Fixed a bug for non-Windows XP (Selecting Operating System used to make all left items invisible). Thanks to Hugues LE DRAU

Version 1.52 Build 587:

  • Fixed ‘Switched Vendor’ from Storage module. Thanks to Jeff Nesbitt and Patrick B.

Version 1.52 Build 586:

  • fixed storage module. A bug causing popping up dialog “An invalid argument was encountered.” has been fixed. Many thanks to the people from PC Q&A forum

Version 1.51 Build 581:

  • Added support for Windows Media Center and Tablet PC
  • Enhanced Devices module. It displays files used by each device.
  • NewStorage module.
  • Changed Eureka! module. McAfee VirusScan doesn’t detect SIW as PWCrack-Finder.

Version number 1.55 build 597
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website SIW
File size


License type Freeware
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