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Shotcut is a comprehensive open source and cross platform video editing program for Windows, Linux and macOS. It uses FFmpeg and therefore has support for the most common audio and video formats. The files are not imported, but are edited in their original format. It can handle different tracks and a mix of formats and resolutions can be used within a project. Version 22.06.23 of Shotcut has been released with the following improvements:


Glaxnimate is a 2D vector drawing and animation program that is now integrated and bundled with Shotcut:

  • Added support for reading Lottie and rawr JSON animation formats as a clip.
  • Added Open Other > Animation to make a new drawing or animation.
  • Added a Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) video filter.
  • Preview the Shotcut timeline within Glaxnimate.
  • Known issues:
    • Preview on macOS may stop working due to out-of-resources until reboot.
    • Some Lottie animations make export fail. The one that I have a problem with shows warnings upon opening in Glaxnimate.
    • See also Glaxnimate’s bug tracker
  • Tutorial videos:

More New Stuff

  • Added Timeline > menu > More > Align To Reference Track to synchronize clips based on similar audio. see it documentation
  • Added support for Keyframes to the following audio filters:
    • low pass
    • High Pass
    • reverb
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A to select all clips on the current track. (option+command+A on macOS)
  • Added an options dialog to File > Export > Markers as Chapters to exclude colors or include range markers.
  • Added Edit… to Timeline > Output > Properties.
  • Added support for fractional display scale (125%, 150%, 175%) on Windows.


  • Fixed Text: Rich does not export the same as preview on system with fractional display scale on Windows.
  • Fixed Record Audio and Open Other > Audio/Video Device crashing on macOS due to insufficient entitlements.
  • Fixed Time Remap > Image mode > Blend not working.
  • Fixed a crash combining two Size, Position & Rotate filters with a mask filter on a square video mode.
  • Fixed a possible crash with an odd width video.
  • Fixed dragging a clip leftward beyond other clips with Timeline > Ripple turned on.
  • Fixed changing the color of a color clip resets a custom name.
  • Fixed changing Properties > Speed ​​drops a Crop: Source filter if added.
  • Fixed prompting for a duration and possibly a crash when dragging non-seekable files to Playlist.
  • Fixed filters on a clip are removed when Undo after a change to Properties.
  • Fixed File > Export > Markers as Chapters incorrect text encoding resulting in corrupt unicode characters.
  • Fixed video track blending may be broken after moving a track.
  • Fixed repairing a project with Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy on saves proxy file paths into repaired project file.
  • Fixed Ripple Markers not working with ripple trimming.
  • Fixed trimming a clip on timeline may change the length of a neighboring clip.


  • Converted the build system from qmake to CMake (qmake is removed).

Version number 22.06.23
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website shot cut
License type GPL
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