Software Update: Sandboxie Plus 5.50.6 / 0.8.6

Sandboxie is a program that makes it possible to run programs under Windows in a protected environment. In this way, changes made by programs or web browsers are easy to undo, and there is no risk of affecting important parts of the operating system.

Sandboxie can be used on Windows 7, 8 and 10, and is now offered as open source, after Sophos stopped using it. Sandboxie is available in a classic and plus version. Internally they work the same, but the latter has a more modern Qt-built user interface. The changelog for this release can be found below.


  • added global hotkey to terminate all boxed processes (by default Ctrl+Break)
  • the Run Sandboxed dialog can now be handled by the Sandman UI.
  • added “AllowBoxedJobs=y” allowing boxed processes to use nested jobs on Windows 8 and later
    — note: this allows Chrome and other programs to use the job system for additional isolation
  • added librewolf.exe to the list of Firefox derivatives #927
  • added run regedit sandboxed menu command
  • added new support settings tab to Sandman UI for updates and stuff
  • added code integrity verification to Sbie service and UI
  • added template for Vivaldi Notes (by isaak654) #948


  • Replaced the Process List used by the driver with a much faster Hash Map implementation
    — Note: this change provides an almost static system call speed of 1.2us irregardless of the running process count
    — The old list, with 100 programs running required: 4.5µs; with 200: 12µs; and with 300: 18µs per syscall
    — Note: some of the slowdown was affecting also non sandboxed applications due to how the driver handles certain callbacks
  • Replaced the per-process Thread List used by the driver with a much faster Hash Map implementation
  • Replaced configuration section list with a hash map to improve configuration performance, and increased line limit to 100000
    — not yet enabled in production build
  • the presence of default box is only checked on connect
  • the portable dir dialog now shows the directory #924
  • when terminated boxed processes now we first try doing that by terminating the job object
  • the driver now by default can terminate problematic processes without the help of the service
  • box delete routine now retries up to 10 times to fix #954
  • Replaced the Process List used by the service with a much faster Hash Map implementation
  • Replaced the per-process Thread List used by the service with a much faster Hash Map implementation


  • fixed faulty initialization in SetServiceStatus (by flamencist) #921
  • fixed buttons position in Classic UI settings (by isaak654) #914
  • fixed missing password length check in the Sandman UI #925
  • fixed issues opening job objects by name
  • fixed missing permission check when reopening job object handles (thanks Diversenok)
  • fixed issue with some Chromium 90+ hooks affecting PDF plugin in derived browsers #930 #817
  • fixed issues with reconnecting broken LPC ports used for communication with SbieSvc
  • fixed minor setting issue #957
  • fixed minor UI issue with resource access COM settings #958
  • fixed an issue with NtQueryKey using NtQueryObject instead #951
  • fixed crash in key.c when failing to resolve key paths
  • added workaround for topmost modality issue #873
    — the notification window is not only topmost for 5 seconds
  • fixed an issue deleting directories introduced in 5.49.5
  • fixed an issue with box copies


  • removed switch for “BlockPassword=n” as it does not seem to be working #938
    — it’s recommended to use “OpenSamEndpoint=y” to allow for password change in windows 10

Version number 5.50.6 / 0.8.6
Release status unstable
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website sandboxie
File size


License type GPL