Software Update: Samba 3.2.14

Samba runs on Unix, BSD and Linux machines and is able to provide file and printer services using the cifs protocol to Windows clients. For documentation on the how and what of Samba you can take a look at this page. The developers have fixed some bugs resulting in the release of version 3.2.14. The announcement of this latest version looks like this:

Samba 3.2.14 Maintenance Release Available

This is the last maintenance release of the Samba 3.2 series. Please note that this is the last bugfix release of the Samba 3.2 series! There will be security releases on demand only.

Major enhancements in 3.2.14 include:

  • Fix SAMR access checks (eg bugs #6089 and #6112).
  • Fix ‘force user’ (bug #6291).
  • Improve Win7 support (bug #6099).
  • Fix posix ACLs when setting an ACL without explicit ACE for the owner (bug #2346).

Changes since 3.2.13:

  • BUG 6387: Fix Winbind crash when multiple IDmappings exist in the LDAP directory.
  • BUG 6509: Use gid (not uid) cache in fetch_gid_from_cache().
  • BUG 6628: ‘smbpasswd -a’ uses algorithmic rid base with ‘passdb backend = tdbsam’.
  • Prevent creation of keys containing the ‘/’ character.
  • BUG 6089: Fix SAMR access checks.
  • BUG 6112: Fix SAMR access checks.
  • BUG 6279: Fix Winbind crash.
  • BUG 6291: Fix ‘force user’.
  • BUG 6099: Try to fix domain join of Win7 Beta.
  • BUG 6386: Groupdb mapping fix.
  • BUG 6421: Fix POSIX read-only open on read-only shares.
  • BUG 6476: Fix more smbd zombies in memory.
  • BUG 6488: acl_group_override() call in posix acls references an uninitialized variable.
  • BUG 6504: Fix SAMR server for Winbind access.
  • BUG 6520: Fix time stamps.
  • Fix join of Windows 7 RC to a Samba3 DC.
  • Fix bug in processing of open modes in POSIX open.
  • BUG 6301: Fix samr_ConnectVersion enum which is 32bit not 16bit.
  • BUG 6340: Don’t segfault when cleartext trustdom pwd could not be retrieved.
  • BUG 6372: Fix usermanager only displaying 1024 groups and aliases.
  • BUG 6465: Fix enum_aliasmem in ldb branch.
  • BUG 6484: Fix searching for users while adding them to groups via Windows usermanager.
  • Fix the negotiate flags.
  • Protect netlogon_creds_server_step() against NULL creds.
  • Also handle DirX return codes.
  • BUG 2346: Fix posix ACLs when setting an ACL without explicit ACE for the owner.
  • BUG 6526: Let parent_dirname() correctly return toplevel filenames.
  • BUG 6627: Raise the timeout for lsa_Lookup*() calls from 10 to 35 seconds.
  • Fix a crash bug if we timeout in net rpc trustdom list.
  • Add ‘–request-timeout’ option to ‘net’.
  • BUG 5798: Preserve CFLAGS info in configure.
  • BUG 6382: Case insensitive access to DFS links broken.
  • Fix a race condition in Winbind leading to a panic.
  • Add workaround for MS KB932762.
  • BUG 6481: Don’t require “Modify property” perms to unjoin.
  • 5945: Fix out of memory error with Winbind idmap.
  • BUG 6628: ‘smbpasswd -a’ uses algorithmic rid base with ‘passdb backend = tdbsam’.
  • Avoid duplicate ACEs.
  • Fix profile ACLs in some corner cases.
  • Zero an uninitialized array.
  • BUG 6560: Lookupname failed, cannot find domain when attempt to change password.

Version number 3.2.14
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website samba
File size 23.30MB
License type GPL