Software Update: RJ TextEd 10.22

Version 10.22 of RJ TextEd has been released. This free Swedish-made text editor has several features that are especially interesting for software and web developers, such as syntax highlighting, autocompletion, extensive selection and sorting options and an embedded (s)ftp client. The program is being developed for Windows, but can also be used under Linux via Wine. The changelog for this release looks like this:

mixed line breaks
The editor will now handle files with mixed line breaks. The status bar will add a *Mixed to indicate this eg Text file (*Mixed Windows). The mixed line breaks are preserved and will still be there when you save the file.
With “View line breaks” turned on – different line breaks will be displayed using different characters.
Moving the text cursor to the end of line will display the line break in the status bar.
NOTE! A file should only contain one type of line breaks.
Windows (\r\n), Unix/Mac (\n), Classic Mac (\r).
If you open a file on different platforms you may end up with a file containing mixed line breaks. This is certainly not desirable and you should use the menu commands in “Format -> Newline format” to clean up the file.

FTP (Client and Panel)
The FTP client and FTP panel now include a log window displaying sent and received commands. A log view toolbar button has been added in the FTP panel.
All file transfers are now verified if the FTP server support checksums. This includes synchronize transfers, upload, download and editing remote files.

Word completion list
Added an action to display the word completion list. Even if the word complete option is disabled. To use it assign a keyboard shortcut to the action “ShowWordCompletionListAction” in “Environment -> Customize keyboard…”.

Editor settings
A backup is now created and restored if the main settings file is (for some reason) lost. If the settings and backup are both lost a backup of the original settings are restored.

Search field on “Home” page
Added search fields for recently opened files and recently opened projects. You can use a simple phrase or use wild cards. I also removed the “Open…” buttons.

Context menu on “Home” page
Added context menus in the recently opened lists. Menu items are Open, Remove and Clear. Open and remove work on all selected files, but only on one item in the recent projects list.

file commander
Removed the buttons at the bottom and redesigned the vertical toolbar. File manager buttons are visible when not connected to a remote server and FTP client buttons (download/upload/sync) are only visible when connected.

Option to check HTML/XML tags for file encoding
The editor always check HTML and XML files for charset and encoding tag attributes. If found the encoding is used when opening the file. This is still the standard behavior, but now there is a way to disable this check.

block selection
Select a block by placing the text cursor at the start position, left mouse click on the end position while pressing SHIFT+ALT will temporarily turn column mode on and select a column.
You can still use the SHIFT+ALT+Arrows or ALT+LeftMouse drag to select a column block.


  • Changed selection behavior when moving lines up or down.
  • Selection folds are working again in plain text files.
  • Selection is stored when closing the file, just as cursor position.
  • “Open file at cursor” will now check environment paths to find the file.


  • A few issues with SFTP and using key files.
  • A selection issue with move line down function.
  • Ctrl+DblMouseClick over a parenthesis didn’t always select the enclosed text over multiple lines.
  • Remove object from project error.
  • = should be highlighted in PHP files.
  • FTP proxy server issue.
  • Several Syntax Editor issues when editing regular expression keywords.
  • Recent files with UNC paths could slow down startup.

Version number 10.22
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Rickard Johansson
File size


License type Freeware