Software update: Rainmeter 4.4 r3452 beta

Version 4.4 of Rainmeter is under development and a new test version has been released. With this program, all kinds of meaningful, but also less meaningful information can be displayed on the desktop in real time, such as free hard disk space, network activity and whether there is new e-mail. Functional applets can also be used to, for example, take notes or send tweets. The following changes and improvements have been made since build 3445:

Revision 3452

  • InputText plugin: Corrected an issue where the negative sign was not allowed when both InputNumber and DefaultValue options were set.
  • # CURRENTSECTION # variable: Improved the resolution of the # CURRENTSECTION # built-in variable when used in either Lua or Plugin inline section variables.
  • Shape meter: Fixed a bug with the Combine functionality when a shape is combined with a previously combined shape.

Revision 3447

  • WiFiStatus plugin: Added 802.11ad and 802.11ax to supported PHY values.
  • Manage dialog: Corrected the Help buttons to direct to the appropriate Beta or Final version of the manual based on the version of Rainmeter being used.

Version number 4.4 r3452 beta
Release status Beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Rainmeter
File size


License type GPL