Software update: Rainmeter 3.3 r2414 beta

A new beta release of Rainmeter version 3.3 has been released. This program can display all kinds of useful, but also less meaningful information on the desktop in real time, such as free hard drive space, network activity and whether there is new e-mail. Functional applets can also be used to, for example, make notes or send tweets. This release fixes the following two issues:

Revision 2414

  • Fixed RegExpSubstitute: Fixed a problem where a (capture) that returned an empty string would cause Rainmeter to hang or crash. Care should still be taken when using * (zero or more) quantifiers or (?(?= (If/Then Lookaround)) constructs in RegExpSubstitute, as any (capture) returning an empty string will cause the Substitute to fail.
  • Fixed Net measures: Improved the detection of “Best” and “named” Interface options on Windows XP.

Version number 3.3 r2414 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website rain gauge
File size


License type Freeware