Software Update: PowerDNS Recursor

PowerDNS is a dns server with a database as backend, which makes it easy to manage a large number of dns entries. In late April 2006, the developers decided to release the two parts that make up PowerDNS, a recursor and an authoritative name server, separately. This allows a new version to be released faster, according to the developers. The developers have just released version of PowerDNS Recursor with the following announcement:

PowerDNS Recursor released!

Release notes with clickable links available on:

This release consists entirely of fixes for tiny bugs that have been reported over the past year. In addition, compatability has been restored with the latest versions of the gcc compiler and the ‘boost’ libraries, plus Solaris 10.

No features have been added, but some debugging code that very slightly impacted performance (and polluted the console when operating in the foreground) has been removed.

FreeBSD users may want to upgrade because of a very remote chance of 3.1.7 and previous crashing once every few years. For other operators not currently experiencing problems, there is no reason to upgrade.

  • Improved error messages when parsing zones for authoritative serving (commit 1235).
  • Better resilience against whitespace in configuration (changesets 1237, 1240, 1242)
  • Slight performance increase (commit 1378)
  • Fix rare case where timeouts were not being reported to the right query-thread (commit 1260)
  • Fix compilation against newer versions of the Boost C++ libraries (commit 1381)
  • Close very rare issue with TCP/IP close reporting ECONNRESET on FreeBSD. Reported by Andrei Pulov in ticket 192.
  • Silence debugging output (commit 1286).
  • Fix compilation against newer versions of gcc (commit 1384)
  • No longer set export-etc-hosts to ‘on’ on reload-zones. Discovered by Paul Cairney, closes ticket 225.
  • Sane default for the maximum cache size in the Recursor, suggested by Roel van der Made (commit 1354).
  • No longer exit because of the changed behavior of the Solaris ‘completion ports’ in more recent versions of Solaris. Fix in commit 1372, reported by Jan Gyselinck.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, Solaris, UNIX
Website PowerDNS
License type GPL