Software Update: PostgreSQL 8.0.0 beta 5

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group released the fifth beta of version 8.0.0 a few days ago. PostgreSQL, which is pronounced “Post-Gres-QL”, is a comprehensive open source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and runs on many different operating systems. A list of FTP mirrors is here can be found, but can also be downloaded via BitTorrent† The full release notes can be read on this page, but these are the main changes of this release:


  • Add support for add/remove features (Magnus)
  • Add support for uninstall from MSI GUI (Magnus)
  • Add bindir parameter for pgAdmin (Dave)
  • Add missing icons in this browsing dialog (Hiroshi Saito)
  • Properly quote passwords with spaces in them (Magnus)
  • Separate deprecated contrib modules in list (Dave)
  • Add version registry key (Dave)
  • Get list of available locales from system instead of hardcoded (Aleksander Kmetec)
  • Add missing ecpg DLL files (Magnus)
  • Dynamically add pgAdmin translations (Magnus)
  • Update JDBC driver to pg801.308 (Dave)
  • Update pgAdmin to 1.2.0RC2 (Dave)
  • Update Npgsql to 0.7beta3 (Dave)
  • Prevent prohibited characters in auto-generated passwords (Dave)


Version number 8.0.0 beta 5
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003
Website PostgreSQL
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)