Software Update: Pegasus Mail 4.8.0

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Version 4.8.0 of Pegasus Mail has been released. This e-mail program has been around for more than thirty years. In the beginning, it was way ahead of its time, but since Microsoft started shipping Outlook Express as the default e-mail client with Windows XP, that has become a lot less. Its appearance has hardly changed since the early days and it lacks a calendar and newsreader. So the program is only for e-mailing, but that’s it good in. The changelog for this release can be found below.

Pegasus Mail v4.80

Despite the apparently small version number increase, version 4.80 is a major release with some extremely important changes and additions to the program:

  • Major editor update: The program’s editor module has received a major update: it should now be able to edit a much wider range of HTML data, and handle it much more reliably.
  • Major HTML rendering updates: Michael in der Wiesche and Martin Ireland have put a huge amount of work into updating Pegasus Mail’s HTML rendering technology with new features and improved reliability.
  • Significant new OpenSSL build: This version has moved to using OpenSSL 1.1.1k. Adopting the OpenSSL 1.1.1 API is an important long-term functionality update that will keep Pegasus Mail in step with connection security for a long time.
  • Synchronized German Release: Sven Henze has continued his fine tradition of having the German release of Pegasus Mail available on the same day as the English release – see the official download page to download the German version.
  • User interface adjustments: Several small but noticeable changes have been made to the Pegasus Mail user interface to bring it a little more into line with modern systems. These are minor alterations compared with the changes that will appear in Pegasus Mail v5 as it finally begins rolling out.
  • Support for higher DPI systems: WinPMail is now supplied with resource sets (the pieces of data that define the layout of dialogs and screens) optimized for both standard 90dpi Windows displays and for 120dpi displays (what Windows refers to as “Medium”). Future versions will also have support for the Windows “High” DPI display type (144dpi). This change allows the program to display considerably better on higher DPI systems.
  • Search improvements: The folder search facility has been updated to improve its ability to locate accented characters and strings that appear in encoded headers. In simple terms, the program should now search through folders more accurately, especially when searches are limited to the message headers.
  • Security improvements: The program now goes to even greater lengths than it previously did to prevent you from running attachment content that could be harmful to your system. Any attachment content that is potentially harmful is now also displayed in red in the attachment view.
  • Small quality-of-life fixes: Numerous small changes have been made to improve the usability of the program: to pick a couple of examples, the columns in the preview mode attachment view now remember their widths from session to session, and calendaring items such as invites are now displayed more prominently in the attachment view.
  • Help system improvements: The help system has undergone numerous improvements – for instance, its user interface is now able to be internationalized (Sven Henze’s German version of Pegasus Mail now uses the new help system). A lot of the content has been brought up to date or expanded, and a significant number of new index entries have been added.
  • OAUTH2 support for GMail: This feature isn’t in this release, but I’m mentioning it because it’s now very near to completion. I decided that it was more important to get v4.80 out than to hold it up even further while I complete the OAUTH2 implementation, but there will be a v4.81 update very soon after v4.80 that includes the OAUTH2 code.

Version number 4.8.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Pegasus Mail
file size


License type Freeware
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