Software update: PDFCreator 0.9

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Version 0.9 of PDFCreator has just been released. The program is available in different formats this page are downloaded. This program is capable of creating PDF files from any Windows application. The software installs itself as a printer driver, with the difference that the output does not go to the printer, but to a PDF file. There are several downloads available of this version. There is a download with an AFPL Ghostscript version and one with GPL Ghostscript. The former is newer, but has more restrictions than the GPL version of Ghostscript. Finally, there is also a download without embedded Ghostscript, for people who already have it installed. The changelog of this release looks like this:


  • Using GPL Ghostscript 8.50 / AFPL Ghostscript 8.53
  • Added a COM Interface (with description and samples)
  • Added the hidden settings o PDFCompressionColorCompression*, PDFCompressionGreyCompression* to change the standard compression factors
  • Added the new commandline parameter /NoPSCheck (Now PDFCreator is compatible with PDF-T-Maker)
  • Added systray property
  • Added “Cancel” button to the printing dialog
  • Added the feature to detect the important framedyn.dll file to the setup.
  • Added english help file
  • AMD64 Processor Support
  • Improve email support
  • Terminal server/Citrix support
  • Support other shells other than explorer (eg geoshell, litestep)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Known issue:

  • No hyperlinks possible
  • Hyperlinks for MS Word are possible with the combination of PDF-T Maker and PDF Creator.


Version number 0.9
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website SourceForge
File size


License type GPL
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