Software Update: Parallels Desktop 4.0 build 3844

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Parallels recently released a new version of Desktop for Mac 4.0. The software has arrived at build 3844 and is via this link to download. Desktop for Mac is Parallels virtualization software for Mac OS X. The program is capable of running various operating systems on the host computer through a virtual machine, especially Windows, but also other OSs such as Linux distributions, OS/2 and solaris. Desktop for Mac is also able to run a Windows installation that has been put on the Mac via Boot Camp as a virtual machine. With the 4.0 release, it is not only possible to run applications and games that require 3D acceleration, but also Windows programs to run in Mac OS X and vice versa. In addition, Parallels Explorer allows access to files and folders in Windows without having to boot the operating system. The release notes of the new Parallels Desktop for Mac are as follows:

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved 3D graphics in Windows virtual machines.
  • Problems with Palm synchronization in Windows virtual machines
  • fixed.
  • Random disconnection of USB 1.1 devices in Linux virtual machines
  • fixed.
  • Invisibility of the text mouse pointer on black background in Windows virtual machines
  • fixed.
  • Problems with SMB shares in native Windows Boot Camp installations that have Parallels Tools installed
  • fixed.
  • Problems with Shared Networking on Snow Leopard host computers
  • fixed.

Known issues

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard x86_64 issues:
    • No USB support.
    • The performance of SMP virtual machines may be degraded.
    • Windows 7 experimental support issues:
    • Windows 7 x86_64 installation media cannot be automatically detected.
    • No sound support.
    • The virtual machine screen stops being redrawn if the Windows Energy screensaver is run.
  • Dynamic resolution might not work in a Linux guest OS with the default amount of video memory. It might be necessary to increase the video memory size to at least 6 MB to let the feature work.
  • Time difference is not saved between Mac OS and Linux guest even if the “Allow time difference between host and guest” option is enabled.
  • Recycle bin integration does not work if Mac OS Dock auto hide is enabled.
  • Disk encryption tools make Windows boot extremely long. To work around this issue, add the “kernel.real_mode_vtx=0” to the system flags in the CPU settings.
  • Sound quality in Mac OS X guest is not very high.
  • Certain 3D applications (like 3D Canvas, Autodesk Inventor, and some others) may work improperly when 256 MB of video memory is allocated to the virtual machine. To work around this issue, decrease the video memory to 128 MB.
  • A message about ATI service that failed to start may appear in Boot Camp Windows virutal machine after booting. This message does not affect the viral machine performance and can be barely ignored.
  • Windows Vista in a Boot Camp virtual machine may require reactivation after upgrading from Parallels Desktop 3.0 to this version of Parallels Desktop.
  • A wrong CPU driver is installed in a virtual machine that was initially migrated from a Virtual PC, then used with Parallels Desktop 3.0, and finally converted to Parallels Desktop 4.0 format. This results in high CPU usage in host OS with no application using CPU in the guest OS. To workaround the issue, reinstall CPU drivers in Device Manager inside the guest OS.
  • Improper textures in Serious Sam 2 and Far Cry.
  • Poor performance of Black and White 2.
  • Breath of Fire 4 does not work properly in the 32-bit color mode.
  • Problem scrolling in Punch Home Design.
  • Apple iSight disappears from Mac OS X if connected to and disconnected from a virtual machine multiple times in a row.
  • Apple USB modem does not work in the guest OS.
  • Boot Camp virtual machines cannot be created on Mac host computers that have TechTools eDrive installed.

Version number 4.0 build 3844
Release status Final
Operating systems macOS
Website parallels
License type Shareware
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