Download Eeebuntu Base 3.0

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Eeebuntu is a stripped-down version of Ubuntu intended for use on EeePCs. The operating system can be downloaded in the flavors Standard, Netbook Remix and Base. The Standard version includes a variety of applications, including a word processor, instant messenger and e-mail client. The Netbook Remix variant is similar to Standard, but also includes a Netbook Launcher. The Base version has been stripped of all applications except for Gnome, Firefox and Eeeconfigure and is also the smallest Eeebuntu available.

A few days ago, the developers of Eeebuntu in the form of version 3.0 released a new Base edition of the operating system made available. The new version is from this page via BitTorrent and http. Unfortunately, it is unknown what changes have been made to the new Eeebuntu Base. The announcement of version 3.0 looks like this:

Hay All EEEbuntu 3.0 BASE edition has been released!! Torrents and mirrors available just head to and get downloading! 8 days ago

Version number 3.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Eeebuntu
File size 562.44MB
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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