Software Update: Paint Shop Pro X

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It’s been almost a year since Corel acquired Jasc Software. Last Tuesday, Corel presented the first result of this acquisition, namely Paint Shop Pro X and PhotoAlbum 6. The emphasis in this tenth version of the photo editing program is on ease of use. For example, there’s an ‘Integrated Learning Center’ and a ‘Smart Photo Fix’ which should help get professional looking results no matter how handy one is. But the more experienced users have also been thought of with advanced tools that enable users to adjust a photo down to the smallest detail. For those who want to try all these goodies, Corel has here a 104MB large trial version is ready. Finally, an overview of the new and improved features in Paint Shop Pro X:

New & Improved Features:

  • The Object Remover makes it easy to remove unwanted or difficult to clone portions of images and fills in the removed detail with portions of the remaining photo.
  • With one click, the One-Step Purple Fringe Fix removes the purple glow surrounding the edges of people and objects that can appear in many digital photos.
  • Paint Shop Pro X now offers the High Pass Filter, one of the industry’s most popular ways to sharpen digital photos.
  • With Black & White Conversion and Black & White Infrared Conversion filters, you can control the contrast strength and adjust the grain level of your photos to simulate real black and white, and infrared film.
  • The One-Step Noise Fix removes digital camera noise or excess graininess with one click.
  • Paint Shop Pro X supports 16-bit functionality, which allows you to work with thousands of shades per color rather than the 8-bit limit of 256 shades.
  • The color Management engine lets you read and save color profile data and ensures screen to-print color matching. Paint Shop Pro X also supports CMYK output for commercial printers.
  • Improvements to File Metadata lets you add copyright data and enter IPTC information. Paint Shop Pro X metadata also obeys the EXIF ​​rotation flag from cameras so images arrive in the application window already rotated.
  • The Browser has been enhanced to offer more options, such as a Zoom slider for adjusting thumbnail previews, EXIF ​​editing, the option to download photos from a digital camera, and more.
  • The redesigned Layers Palette provides thumbnail views of each image layer, making it easier to use and understand.
  • With the new Pick Tool you can select, move, resize, and rotate raster and vector objects.
  • Use File Open Pre-Processing, an automatic script to save time when opening batches or single images.

Version number X
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Corel
File size


License type Shareware
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