Software Update: Paint.NET 4.3.7

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Version 4.3.5 of Paint.NET has been released and due to problems two successors have quickly appeared. This drawing and image editing program bridges the gap between the Paint supplied with Windows and expensive but very extensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo Paint. Today, the program is also offered via the Windows Store offered, although a small fee is charged for that version. Version 4.3 includes the switch to .Net 6. This has greatly improved performance, but it also heralds the end of support for Windows 7 and 8, which will expire from version 4.4. Since version 4.3.4, the following improvements have been made:

Changes in version 4.3.7:

  • This is a hotfix for a myriad of major issues when “Translucent windows” is disabled. This was caused by a bug introduced in .NET 6.0.1. This update also includes the big performance improvements and other bug fixes from v4.3.5 and v4.3.6.

Changes in version 4.3.6:

  • Fixed a stack overflow in the box filter rendering kernel that could cause hangs or crashes when the zoom level was around 1/8th (12.5%) or 1/32nd (3.125%) for particular image sizes eg ((N x 2048) + 16 )). Reported here

Changes in version 4.3.5:

  • Improved rendering performance for most tools, which are now up to 100% faster (see discussion here
  • Fixed an issue with the Save Configuration dialog where the OK and Cancel buttons were overlapping on Windows 7.
  • Fixed an issue when saving an image with 257 unique colors at 8-bit color depth when the 257th unique color was the last (bottom-right) pixel. More info
  • Fixed an issue where the Layers window buttons were not correctly enabling/disabling after an undo/redo operation. More info
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the VTF Plugin from saving multi-layer images correctly, as reported here
  • Fixed an issue when saving images at 1-bit or 2-bit color depth, where sometimes not all colors would be included. More info
  • Fixed an issue with some IndirectUI plugins that were using customized colors for their sliders.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with TR’s Morpher plugin. More info
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with some of Ego Eram Reputo’s older plugins that were unable to launch help links due to a change in .NET 6.

Version number 4.3.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Paint.NET
File size


License type Freeware

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