Software update: Opera 10 build 1643 beta 2

A new development version of the Opera web browser was released on Thursday, which the developers consider to be ‘more than beta two’ described. Opera is free to use and includes features like tabbed browsing, a popup blocker, and an email program with spam filter. In this release, the appearance has been improved, the pages with error messages have been pimped and the necessary bugs have been fixed. Furthermore, Mac users are asked to re-submit their crash reports, as the format has been changed and the old reports cannot be transferred into words. Below is the full changelog for version 10.0 build 1643:

User Interface

  • Restyled Home Button
  • Further tweaking of opera:x, error and fraud pages look
  • New icons for setting status in a chat window
  • Fixed Bug DSK-256805 (Opera crashes when dragging separator to trash can)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-258230 (Padlock icon stretched on Security Information dialog): Full set of padlock icons for security dialog


  • Fixed Bug CORE-16936 (Flickering and freezing – always scrolling to top (
  • Fixed Bug CORE-18854 (Going to a fraud URL with a username crashes Opera)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-22634 (Local cookies aren’t listed in site pref cookie tab (caused problems for Unite))
  • Fixed Bug DSK-200545 (Cookie crash on exit)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-256433 (Gmail locks up when zoomed)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-258426 (Infinite iframe recursion when src==”javascript:void(0)”, until memory runs out)


  • Fixed Bug CORE-22048 (Links opened from mail and newsfeeds stop loading when you focus another mail/feed entry)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257739 (Importing mail fails when files are open)

Opera Unite

  • Changed “Home” To “My Opera Unite page”
  • Disabled advanced settings button if “disabled” is selected
  • Fixed Bug DSK-254303 (Installing Unite services from file (on disk), breaks service when deleting file)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-254960 (Changing service name in replacement dialog is not reflected in admin view): Setting service name during installation only applied in the gadget after re-start
  • Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257931 (Add visibility of Unite users on the local network): The local service discovery, UI part
  • Fixed Bug DSK-258328 (Logging out and logging in with a different username doesnt work): Error username even though password isn’t stored
  • Fixed Bug DSK-258449 (‘Restart Opera Unite’ option checked by default on start-up dialog even when Unite is not enabled)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-258470 (Global visibility options not saved when enabling Unite)


  • Improvements to panel appearance

The following downloads are available:
Opera 10.0 build 1643 for Windows (msi)
Opera 10.0 build 1643 for Windows (Classic)
Opera 10.0 build 1643 for Mac OS X (Intel)
Opera 10.0 build 1643 for Mac OS X (Universal)
Opera 10.0 build 1643 for UNIX/Linux

Version number 10 build 1643 beta 2
Release status unstable
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Opera
File sizes 7.15MB – 18.00MB
License type Freeware