Software update: Opera 10.0 build 1733 RC

The testing phase of version 10 of the Opera web browser is coming to an end, as the first release candidate was released on Tuesday. Opera is free to use, available for Windows, Linux, and Max OS X, and includes features like tabbed browsing, a popup blocker, and an email program with spam filter. In version 10, Opera Unite will also be added, which offers the possibility to exchange files and chat with other Opera users. However, Opera Unite is not considered stable enough by the developers at this point, so this feature isn’t in 10.0 and won’t make an appearance until version 10.1. The changelog for version 10.0 build 1733 shows the following changes and improvements:

User Interface

  • New application icon
  • Fixed the new tab button on the sides
  • Various small Visual Tabs fixes
  • Fixed a BitTorrent crash
  • Fix to jumping up/down of the new tab button while on the sides
  • Fixed Bug DSK-195906 (Opera error page selects URL field when displayed, also when focus is already inside URL field)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257578 (“…” in site titles in some cases overlap the close button)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-258585 (Can’t remove menu button when main menu is disabled): The menu button can be removed as any other toolbar button now (upgraders may have to reset the toolbar first)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261205 (Strings don’t fit in Preferences > Downloads [pl])
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261206 (Strings don’t fit in Preferences > Programs [pl])
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261757 (Missing “splitter” in bookmark split view)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261933 (Text cut off in startup dialog (Polish translation))
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261962 (“Reset Toolbar to Its Default” resets all toolbars, not just the current)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262181 (Empty [dropdown widget] section added to custom shortcuts by update)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262283 (Skin.ini section inconsistencies)


  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed Bug CORE-19376 (Crash navigating history)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-23125 (Adding IFRAME with javascript: src through DOM adds history entry (Yandex))

Opera Mail

  • Fixed a crash
  • Fixed Bug DSK-245600 (Mail imported into account with no downloading of message bodies loses bodies)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261035 (Crash when opening image attachments)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-261459 (Go to Unread View when requested, don’t reuse a maximized mail view)


  • Crash Fix
  • Reverted Fix to Bug DSK-241262 (Error message when opening HTML files if Opera is not already running): This caused DSK-262363
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259756 (Installer removes icon pinned to the Windows 7 task bar)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-260498 (The list of closed tabs needs clicks to be shown)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262363 (Other programs using the http protocol to open websites in Opera just open blank page in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-259743 (Closed tabs and new tab buttons have non-native looks in native skin)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262120 (Panel selector buttons in Native skin get Standard style when not on the left)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-262272 (Closed tabs and new tab positioned incorrectly when tabbar is placed on left or right side)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-261726 (Closed Tabs button overlaps tabs when set to right or left and new tab button is disabled)


  • Fixed Bug DSK-259575 (Dead keys don’t seem to work on widgets)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-250495 (Spell checking not working for some UNIX users)

The following downloads are available:
Opera 10.0 build 1733 for Windows (msi)
Opera 10.0 build 1733 for Windows (Classic)
Opera 10.0 build 6642 for Mac OS X (Intel)
Opera 10.0 build 6642 for Mac OS X (Universal)
Opera 10.0 build 4570 for UNIX/Linux

Note: Different build numbers are used for its Mac OS X and Linux versions.

Version number 10.0 build 1733 RC
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Opera
File sizes 5.65MB – 16.20MB
License type Freeware