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Released version 0.3.4 of OpenRCT2, the open source version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. The project tries to resemble the original as much as possible, but is written in a modern language which allows for extensions and improvements. It is similar to, for example, OpenTTD. In order to play it, it is necessary to have the original game, because it needs sound files and the images. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:


  • [#13967] Track List window now displays the path to the design when debugging tools are on.
  • [#14071] “Vandals stopped” statistic for security guards.
  • [#14169] Lighting effects for shops and stalls.
  • [#14296] Allow using early scenario completion in multiplayer.
  • [#14538] [Plugin] Add property for getting current plugin api version.
  • [#14620] [Plugin] Add properties related to guest generation.
  • [#14636] [Plugin] Add properties related to climate and weather.
  • [#14731] Opaque water (like in RCT1).


  • [#14496] [Plugin] Rename Object to LoadedObject to fix conflicts with Typescript’s Object interface.
  • [#14536] [Plugin] Rename ListView to ListViewWidget to make it consistent with names of other widgets.
  • [#14751] “No construction above tree height” limitation now allows placing high trees.
  • [#14841] Redesign the About window, including new button to copy the current version info.


  • [#11829] Visual glitches and crashes when using RCT1 assets from mismatched or corrupt CSG1.DAT and CSG1i.DAT files.
  • [#12262] Windows can appear off screen with small screens or high scaling.
  • [#13581] Opening the Options menu causes a noticeable drop in FPS.
  • [#13894] Block brakes don’t animate.
  • [#13986] OpenGL: Track preview window, flip/rotate button do not update the thumbnail.
  • [#14315] Crash when trying to rename Air Powered Vertical Coaster in Korean.
  • [#14330] join_server uses default_port from config.
  • [#14415] Entrances/exits are removed when built on top of each other.
  • [#14449] Surface smoothing at extra zoom levels not working.
  • [#14468] Cannot close Options window on Android.
  • [#14493] [Plugin] isHidden only works for tile elements up to the first element with a base height of over 32.
  • [#14587] Confusing message when joining server with mismatched network version.
  • [#14604] American-style Steam Trains are not imported correctly from RCT1 saves.
  • [#14638] The “About OpenRCT2” window cannot be themed.
  • [#14682] Crash when painting Swinging Ships with invalid subtype.
  • [#14707] Crash when window is closed during text input.
  • [#14710] Ride/Track Design preview does not show if it costs more money than available.
  • [#14774] Incorrect import of scenery research caused all scenery to be unlocked.
  • [#14806] Incorrect function call in WallPlaceAction plugin code.
  • [#14871] Crash when trying to place track when there are no free tile elements.
  • [#14880] Unable to close changelog window when its content fails to load.
  • [#14945] Incorrect drop height penalty on log flume ride.
  • [#14964] Unable to build in multiplayer as client with “Build while paused” cheat enabled when the host is paused.


  • [#14511] “Unlock operating limits” cheat now also unlocks all music.
  • [#14712, #14716] Improve startup times.
  • [#14982] Add Malgun Gothic and change Nanum Gothic filename for Korean.

Version number 0.3.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website OpenRCT2
License type GPL
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