Software Update: OBS Studio 26.0.2

Version 26.0.1 of OBS Studio was released and shortly after that also 26.0.2. Open Broadcaster Software Studio is open source and cross platform software intended for recording and streaming video from one or more sources, such as a webcam, microphone, media files and the desktop. In version 25 of OBS Studio, support has been added for games that run on Vulkan, among other things. Since version 26.0, the following improvements have been made:

26.0.2 Hotfix Changes

  • Fixed the coreaudio encoder not working properly after 26.0.1
  • Fixed custom transitions showing up on the bottom of the list rather than at the top
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a custom transition could cause a crash

260.1 Hotfix Changes

  • Improved UI performance, reducing CPU usage of the user interface (turns out this was due to the audio meters being redrawn)
  • Added Ctrl-Q as an exit shortcut on Linux
  • Fixed an issue where certain cursors weren’t being displayed properly in window/display capture (notably runescape cursors)
  • Fixed an issue where screen readers would not speak the control names as you tab through the control dock
  • Fixed an issue where macOS window capture stopped being able to capture certain programs
  • Fixed an issue when using the srt protocol where it wouldn’t reconnect properly when disconnected
  • Fixed an issue where window capture wouldn’t work for certain programs on some laptops
  • Fixed an issue where games would crash if you used game capture with Vulkan API games while using certain other hooking programs (such as rivatuner/action)
  • Fixed an issue where projectors would be unintentionally removed under certain circumstances
  • Fixed core audio encoder not being available with newer itunes versions

Version number 26.0.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website OBS Studio
License type GPL