Software update: NVmax 0.981

The NVmax updates just keep coming. They come even faster than the junk posts . Muyz informed us today about maintenance version 0.973, but NVmax 0.981 has also been released today. The latest version you can here take down. The following changes have been pushed through:

maintenance release 0.973
This update of NVmax has better multi-card support over version 0.970, which was causing problems for many users. The internal code of NVmax has also changed considerably making it faster, smaller and more efficient. I’m working on the overclocking section compatibility now and adding a few user requests. NVmax 1.0 is just around the corner

NVmax . † † release 0.981
Has a final fix to the dual card support problem; select up to 3 devices manually. Due to the change in code recently many options failed (FSAA, WBuffer, VSync), these problems have now been corrected. This is most likely the last release before NVmax 1.0. If you haven’t got you name down in the beta section of our forum do it soon before the topic is closed and no more applications accepted. Thanks!

Version number 0.981
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website NVmax