Software Update: Motherboard Monitor 5.02

On the site of Motherboard Monitor from Alex van Kaam it can be read that version 5.02 of his acclaimed temperature measurement program is out. The question now is whether he will continue with the development of the program. In September, he hinted at a sequel, having previously announced his withdrawal. He has nothing to say about it on his site, but here are, from the readme file, the updates:


-Added support for the Open South Bridge of the ServerWorks III LE (thanks Malte Titze)

-Added support for the LM87

-Added 2.5v line for the VIA686A

-Fixed ADM 1031 seen as 1025

-Changed internal code for the Winbond ISA & SMbus around to fix a users problem


-Fixed 255 showing up in the High/Low

-Fixed Apply button now going red when changing the Default Tab

-Fixed Color issue for people using a white font

-Fixed Problem with Shutdown option showing faulty under Win2000

-Added option to add a custom alarm message to the normal alarm message (Per sensor type)

-Redone lots of code in the DIMM unit to get it up to 1.2 standards as defined by Intel, it might need a bit more tweaking but lots of testing will tell. Thanks CASilasi (SiSoft Sandra)


-Fixed Color issue for people using a white font

-Fixed auto popup of Dashboard not working if the delay is 0 seconds


-Fixed “Failed to set data for Location” error under Win2000 (non Admin users)

-Added room to the alarm dialogs for the custom alarm message

-Added ‘C, ‘F, Mhz, RPM and V. to the values ​​displayed in the tooltip

-Hopefully fixed problem with Fan RPM under windows ME showing up wrong after suspend

Install program

-Fixed Long File Names

-Fixed Directory find

Version number 5.02
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website MBM site