Software update: NewsLeecher 2.3 beta 4

NewsLeecher has just released the fourth beta release of version 2.3 of the program of the same name. NewsLeecher allows you to read messages from newsgroups and download files on Usenet. In this release, among other things, the port with which a connection to the super search is set up can be adjusted and the necessary bugs fixed. The full changelog looks like this:

New features:

  • NewsLeecher can now be setup to use an alternative port when communicating with the SuperSearch server. This should solve the problems for those who have the standard SuperSearch port blocked for some reason. The new option is available from the ‘Advanced’ options tab: more info
  • The minimum auto-logoff timeout value has been decreased. It’s now possible to setup NewsLeecher to disconnect after a certain amount of ‘seconds’ aswell as ‘minutes’: more info
  • Added an article maximum-group-crosspost filter that will skip articles posted to more than an optional number of groups at the same time.

Improved features:

  • The minimum search string length sent to the SuperSearch engine has been removed. Earlier it was set to 3 characters: more info
  • The LeechSmart and SmartSelect features have been improved. The destination folder for LeechSmart downloads are now more clean and human-readable.
  • Various small improvements. (Detailed download logging turned ‘ON’ by default, visual improvements, etc)

Bug fixed:

  • Fixed and improved the Launch Security Password feature: more info
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would miss-interpret download folders containing whitespaces at the end of the foldernames: more info
  • Fixed SuperSearch wait-delay bug: more info


Version number 2.3 beta 4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website NewsLeecher
File size


License type Shareware