Software update: NewsLeecher 2.3 beta 2

The second beta release of NewsLeecher 2.3 has just been released. With this program messages from newsgroups can be read on Usenet and files can be downloaded. In this release, the ability to restrict the bandwidth used by the program has been greatly improved and some other minor changes and bug fixes have been made. The complete changelog can be read as follows:

Changes in 2.3 beta 2:

  • The algorithm used by the “bandwidth limiter” feature has been improved a lot. The new algorithm is by far more precise than the one in beta 1, yet it uses much less CPU resources as it is a simpler implementation.
  • Any limit put on the NewsLeecher bandwidth is now reflected on the graphs as a white semi-transparent line.
  • Added bandwidth limit options to the ‘Main Graph’, ‘Small Graph’ and the Tray popup menus.
  • Decreased the bandwidth limiting slider intervals from 10% steps to 1% steps.
  • The bandwidth limit throttle is now shown even though the ‘Main Graph’ window has been turned off.
  • Small improvements (The small graph got a popup menu now, in preview mode, the color difference on the statusbars are now more significant, etc)
  • Fixed bug where the news page wouldn’t load, and Super Search wouldn’t initialize, on computers using unicode enabled regional settings.
  • Small fixes.

Version number 2.3 beta 2
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website NewsLeecher
File size


License type Shareware