Software update: Newsbin Pro 6.80 build 4932 beta 6

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The sixth beta release of NewsBin Pro 6.80 has been released. With this program files, such as photos, videos and programs, can be retrieved from usenet. It has everything you would expect from a usenet downloader, such as support for multithreading, ssl and autopar. Furthermore, there are extensive filter options and an optional Usenet search service can be used. In version 6.80, the download engine has been further improved, among other things. Since beta 4, the following changes have been made:

Version 6.80 Beta 6 Build 4932

  • Fixed hang on exit issue.
  • Fixed issue when data drive runs out of space, pop up warning was not coming up.
  • Major changes to support long filenames (>260 characters).
  • Added more logging to try to help troubleshoot reports of watchlists failing
  • Now supports file sets that include password in the subject
  • Fixed issue where a decode was attempted after it had already completed, giving misleading error message.
  • Rebuilt DLL to use no special Intel instructions. Should work on AMDs again.
  • Fixed issue where random filenames in the yEnc headers wouldn’t match the filename Newsbin was using from the subject impacting resume function.
  • Fix for issue with “Placeholder” displaying in the download path listed in the wish list.

Version 6.80 Beta 5 Build 4909

  • Fix for filter sorting. Issue introduced in Beta 4
  • Found and fixed two crash issues
  • Fixed issue with sample files getting included in main rar set in some cases.
  • Fix issue compacting some styles of mp3 posts.
  • Fixed issue retrieving and using password from NZB file when it exists.
  • Improved MD5 detection.
  • Improved compaction to handle new style of file counters.
  • Improved efficiency ih downloading headers.
  • Sped up exit processing
  • Fixed issue where encrypted sets with no valid password would keep trying to unrar but never fail – now goes to failed list.

Version number 6.80 build 4932 beta 6
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
License type Shareware
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