Amazon releases Alexa app for HTC U11

Amazon and HTC have released the Alexa app for the U11 smartphone. This allows users to use the online store’s digital assistant on the HTC smartphone. The service does not seem to be usable in the Benelux for the time being.

The app was released on the Play Store on Sunday and has between fifty and a hundred downloads at the time of writing. In addition to the HTC application, users also need the regular Amazon Alexa app to use the digital assistant on the smartphone, Android Central claims.

HTC had previously announced that Alexa would work on the smartphone. It is the first time that a phone from the manufacturer has support for the assistant. It is probably a virtualized version of an Echo speaker, Amazon’s smart speaker that has been working with Alexa for several years.

The HTC U11 thus has three assistance functions. In addition to Alexa, the smartphone also offers Google Assistant and HTC has also created its own assistant called Sense Companion. It gives users tips throughout the day about places to go or things to do on the phone.