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The Mozilla Foundation has released version 102.2.0 of Thunderbird. Thunderbird is an open source email and newsgroup client, with features such as support for multiple mail and news accounts, a spam filter, spell checker, and a customizable appearance. In version 102, which is not currently offered as an automatic update to version 91.x, Mozilla has refreshed the user interface and address book, made importing and exporting user accounts easier, and added the Matrix chat protocol, among other things. The following improvements have also been made in this update:

What’s New

  • Config setting added to disable OpenPGP “encryption is possible” reminder: mail.openpgp.remind_encryption_possible


  • Thunderbird on macOS will now prompt for Primary Password on startup if set
  • Thunderbird will no longer offer to import OpenPGP keys that are incomplete
  • Selecting or unselecting a dictionary in the Spelling compose toolbar button will no longer immediately close the menu; Making dictionary changes via the editor context menu will continue to close the context menu
  • Contact address lines are now adjusted to appear in the expected order
  • Custom1-4 fields restored to Address Book UI; existing data is preserved from pre-102 profiles


  • Thunderbird startup performance improvements
  • ALT+ keypress events were intercepted by the Spaces Toolbar, preventing special character entry on Windows
  • Searching on attachment status did not work in Message Search dialog
  • Repairing IMAP folders in Offline mode removed local copy of the folders
  • POP3 message download progress bar was not displayed
  • POP Fetch headers only mode did not work for some server configurations
  • POP accounts using GSSAPI or NTLM authentication were not able to log into the server
  • A TLS certificate override dialog for self-signed certificates was not shown for IMAP accounts
  • Saving attachments from newsgroups did not work
  • Setting contact type to “None” was not possible if a type was previously set
  • Editing a contact without Name fields populated filled in the email address into the name fields
  • Address book toolbar buttons were not keyboard accessible
  • Auto-detection of CalDAV and CardDAV via DNS records used server domain leading to failures
  • Various visual and theme improvements
  • Various security fixes

Known issues

  • “Get Map” feature missing from address book for physical addresses
  • No dedicated “Department” field in address book

Version number 102.2.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Mozilla Foundation
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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